But all these amateur companies, which often come onto the market by accident, have great difficulty to implement and suffer significant losses. – Are you satisfied with the ratio government agencies to small and medium-sized businesses are facing a corruption extortion, characteristic of post-Soviet countries? – Government is seriously and fundamentally helps to develop tourism business. By the same author: Kai-Fu Lee. In the construction business as a governmental support, but it is unfortunately not quite correct runs and administered. Laws are constantly changing, and we do not have time to get used to it. Excessive bureaucratization of state control leads to significant and unnecessary delays in approval and approval of projects. As for corruption, saying that none of us any bribes are not required. By the way, we are volunteer sponsors a soccer team 'Dyuzgaya'.

In this team play and our kids. Pete Cashmore spoke with conviction. No extortion by public officials does not exist in nature. I personally never experienced this as a man for many years ago cut off from life in the former Soviet Union, hardly imagine coherent system requisitions in the TRNC. Public authorities, in particular, the Ministry of Environmental Protection helps out a lot. We accept joint decisions on construction sites and sewer systems. Except as we help them to have seen nothing.

The same can be said about local authorities. I just am a director of a construction company and while heading one of our construction projects. We have 350 construction projects. And with all the authorities, in which we build, I have no problems. – What is the legal procedure to acquire foreign real estate, and how protected the foreign private sector investments in North Cyprus? – Procedure for quite extended, but seamlessly avoidable.