Palermo Soho Palermo Viejo is one of the various subdivisions of the neighborhood of Palermo, one of the most extensive and attractive of the city of Buenos Aires neighborhoods. Its Soho designation is due to its architectural characteristics and the Bohemian spirit that permeates the streets and cafes. It is also characterized by its libraries and its restaurants trendy in recent years. Despite being the oldest part of Palermo, it is not careless because in recent years it has invested heavily in their conversion. This area is ideal for a stroll by their tree-lined streets where you can find old recycled houses, modern business premises which respect traditional facades, craft fairs as the Plaza Julio Cortazar (also known as Placita Serrano) or Plaza Palermo, restaurants and bars that keep the spirit and original structure but with innovative decor. Gastronomy in Palermo Soho will find more diverse gastronomic alternatives: Armenian, Mexican, Mediterranean cuisine Chinese, Japanese, international, and the most valued by tourists, the Argentinean Grill. Eating is not expensive, there are options for all budgets but a common feature is the quality of dishes and their presentation. Official site: Pete Cashmore. Whether in the evening or at night, we take tea or a drink in one of the cafes and bars that surround the Plaza Serrano.

The majority has tables outdoors, where you can take Sun, smoking (since within the premises is forbidden) or simply look at the constant flow of visitors who walk the streets of Palermo. Innovative design avant-garde design is present in many premises selling furniture, artifacts of lighting and decoration. It is also noteworthy that this zone is characterized by their local clothing and accessories. In addition to the local traditional or important brands, we find a large number of premises of independent brands, which are sold exclusive, innovative designs and even limited editions.