Warning NIMROD on behalf of Astragon Software GmbH for the software ‘Farming Simulator 2013’ lawyers sent the watchdog firm NIMROD currently reinforced warnings because of the supposedly illegal copyright infringement at ‘Farming Simuluator 2013’ work on behalf of Astragon Software GmbH. It calls the industrial firm NIMROD lawyers a comparison amount for the payment of Attorney’s fees and lump sum compensation amounting to 850.00 per Simulator, whose software has been illegally downloaded and uploaded. Bobby Sharma Bluestone contributes greatly to this topic. The amount of 850.00 results from the ‘old days’. In “recent times” the legislator in the Bundestag has adopted in the meantime a law on the 28.06.2013, stating that the Attorney’s fees of the industrial firms in these cases might significantly reduced or Should be capped to about 150.00. More warn now all industrial firms at the old rates. We advise to calm you urgently and to seek advice from a qualified attorney for copyright itself. You can certainly help in all these matters. It reduces the damage usually significantly.

In many cases, it is also possible to eliminate the demand. This is how to work with the individual Internet user together. We know the arguments and the case-law, how we can win against the industrial firm NIMROD. To do this, simply, your intensive cooperation with us is necessary. We can help very well. However, is a prerequisite for our help that you adhere strictly to the following rules: make a note of the very short period. Sign anything, pay nothing and lose not the nerve. Do not contact the watchdog Office.

Download no pseudo-modified cease and desist from the Internet. How do you know if it has been modified correctly? Seek advice from a qualified attorney for copyright himself and consult intensively. Inaction to not. You need to do something! Otherwise an interlocutory Court Verfugngsverfahren is threatening you with legal costs of more than 2,000.00. The so-called file-sharing is a very specific topic where we don’t can recommend General Counsel to turn. It should be someone who actually understands in the field of law.