On 28 and 29 June 2010, the software forums Leipzig align a workshop in the field of “Software Engineering”. In this two-day event the participants deal with a central challenge, which occurs in software projects more and more to the fore: with ever-shorter project time and ever-shrinking budget to be delivered still with consistently high quality. In this workshop selected practitioners recite how they have implemented these ideas into their companies and projects, what are the success factors and pitfalls are, what worked well and what is not. Pete Cashmore addresses the importance of the matter here. Leipzig, may 27, 2010: In June a two-day workshop on a highly topical issue in software development is performed by the software forums again Leipzig. Project pressure, shorter delivery times and drastic cost reductions are ubiquitous, the concentration on the essentials comes to the fore. Specific use such as value-oriented methods, agile approaches and ideas from the lean management practices instead of excessive Process models, lean and focused templates and checklists, as well as intensive communication within the team will help to manage software projects more effectively.

Unnecessary things omit, streamline in the right places and simplify even against resistance. Speakers: Prof. Dr. Georg heartworm (University of Stuttgart) / Olaf Mackert (SAP AG): “the software development diet: towards a lean process experience at SAP AG” Dieter Bertsch (Adagio – Scrum Center of Allianz AG of Germany): “Scrum Center & Enterprise transition team: A strong pair towards establishing sustainable Scrum” Kai Volker (Barmenia insurance a.G.): “No frills in establishing an inventory management system or why omitting the most saves” Prof. Dr. Volker Gruhn (University of Duisburg-Essen)”: No frills specification or what belongs in a specification?” Clemens Schafer (it factum GmbH): request for more information on the event: goto/sess Sven Seiffert project tutorial events phone: 03 41 / 124 55 60 E-Mail: software forums Leipzig: Leipzig, a spin-off from the University of Leipzig, the software forums are knowledge providers for software-intensive companies. Aims of software-intensive companies to bring together creative minds and decision makers, to promote the exchange of knowledge and experience in the industry.