Social network provides members with virtual currency for subscription traps social networks: more and more users fall into the Abofalle of advertisers. “Berlin, December 8, 2009 combat online fraud on Facebook”. While frustrated users reveal their displeasure with the subscription off reading in groups on the world’s largest and most popular social networks with sharp tones, different and innovative networks already provide a remedy for their members. Read additional details here: Ali Partovi. A prime example is the Berlin-based student services network. For the SMS, gaming, networking and document service is offered by the currency specially created its now more than 650,000 users throughout Europe. The so-called credits downloaded on demand by members in the account.

The big advantage: Complete user subscriptions or contracts. The student portal wants to protect its members according to own data, so from immoral and misleading advertising and instead finance themselves through the useful services with small amounts. Many of the User on the social networks are game-affine and are aged between 18 and 34 years of age. Especially young people are often with supposed invitations from friends”lured to pull the money out of his pocket with tests and mini-games. As a result, more and more users lose confidence in such platforms, which is a shame.

We want to create value through transparency and confidence. Our credits to create an ideal starting point for secure networking and mobile gaming’ says Ibrahim Tarlig, co-founder of and CEO studentSN. Background of the Group revolts on Twitter, MySpace and Facebook were fake quiz programs and games, which should encourage members to join. After the game, the users were suspended to enter their mobile phone number, to be informed about the result of the game via SMS. The catch: Who eagerly typed his number, fell into a fee-based subscription trap, which later appeared on the monthly phone bill and for anger caused when the unsuspecting Netzwerkler. About the studentSN Students service was Ugur Tarlig in July 2007 by Ibrahim Tarlig, and Samet Aras in life launched and has its headquarters in Berlin. More than 600,000 students, graduates and students already benefit from the practical and affordable services. Networking, planning and organisation via information exchange, sending SMS via Web2Mobile service for 5 cents after Europe, uploading and downloading of documents in the online library and download of mobile games: studentSN served the needs of young people with no subscription or contract obligation and creates genuine added value in State of the art Web 2.0 style.