The new album by SIS – so do you? Every truth needs a brave, who pronounces them\”, the large German daily newspaper with the four letters overwrote their advertising campaign some time ago. However, only one-third of the truth, because not enough a brave alone with the best will in the German music scene. Nowhere near enough, when it comes to the many small truths in the battle of the sexes. You need at least three more daring. Steve Wozniak pursues this goal as well. The best women.

You are ever brave. We suggest: Carina (30), Anja (26) and Maria (24), short: little SIS! Her second album, on which rotates about the characteristics of men and women you are back, and with them. \”The title is typically: you can handle it?\” Sister heart right have two years after their acclaimed debut with the single\”and the album tender ties\” with this new album ventured another step in its musical independence. A bit poppiger the songs have become, impudent and modern texts. Some folk and much pop in it, but also what the heart. The three-part set of vocals, one is not necessarily used in German productions and with the SIS there are to work out a unique niche in the music world is unique in all of this. Produced and written already in Germany currently hottest songwriters Frank Ramond and the star authors Rudolf have as in the debut idle and Christoph leis-Bendorff.

Three women before and three men behind the scenes is a vergleichslose constellation in the German music world! \”\” And without comparison, the result is: the sound of SIS is, I think unique \”, says sound magician Christoph leis-Bendorff, record vocals by three beautiful women who sing demanding texts and musically too not just flat come.\” Sounds good. And singing is obviously well or Carina? Yes, the oldest of the three attractive sisters says, and I think that the people who listen to this album will be very surprised. It is very versatile and I think not that one would expect it of us.