SONRIA, non LO take so seriously this written is related to you and about the things that makes every day, at work, at home, in their daily lives. As the days go by, we will putting more serious, and this is due to how we take things as they come and don’t understand them, it is therefore vital that we reflect on some points that could be changed in our understanding, of course if you agree. About problems, you can say that if they weren’t there, maybe we would not have the opportunity to learn in life and for this I want to tell you something that you imagine that problems are part of life and are also signs on the road that everyone is walking towards his destination. If you start to see them as well, this psychological connotation that may have removed them and no matter if your problem (which we can call him situation unresolved) is large or is small, because everyone, depending on your frame of reference, their habits, may think that he is so great, that no one, neither the owner of the universe, can help to resolve it. Starting to see the positive side, develop a sense of humor, can help us to our process of understanding of life in general and this change of attitude is vital to not take things so seriously. I mean with this, for example if it’s a difficult situation that we are experiencing, we fruncimos frown, we could sour us existence, days, months and years, in such a situation that affects us, without resolving it by having fallen into that misunderstood seriousness. It must be said that one is his own captain, his own architect and one by average daily observation, can discover toward that destination, towards that place going, and safely reach if one proposes. It is not something isearch would like to discuss. .