The material for the scrubber is selected from hardened steel. Material thickness – 2 mm. The working end of the scraper should not be a straight line, and should have a slight bend – scraper so you can more accurately maintain the trajectory of motion, and it will not cut into the edges of the wood. 2Himichesky paint removal method With this method, the removal of paint is made using different chemicals in the As chemicals are used different types of solvents or special washing for the paint. The technology is very simple and boils down to this: put a layer of matter with a brush (in the case of liquid solvent) or spatula (if you use remover thick consistency) and wait 10 to 30 minutes – depending on the manufacturer's recommendations. During this time, the paint should vspuchitsya, or at least a way to remove razmyagchitsya.3Teplovoy kraski.Pri this method, the basic tool – a special thermal dryers .. n. These hair dryers heat the air with a temperature of from 300 to 600 degrees.

Be careful – the nozzle dryer heats up considerably and take care of obezatelno ventilation of the room. Hairdryer deduct at a distance of 25-50 cm from the surface. Heats small areas of the floor. Once the paint starts to bubble and the slough, it is necessary to remove hair and a scraper to clean off the paint. Do not delay hair over to one place – so you can just charred not only paint, but the very wooden piece under the paint.

We now can only scrape off the softened paint. Since the paint is soft then it is possible to manage not wide elastic spatulas. Many models are dryers at once with a scraper, which allows one-hand and warm up the paint and remove ee.Nu here we have done a very important part of the job and thus saved a lot of money because we did not have splurge on a new floor on the substrate (gypsum fiber board, gypsum sheets or DSP tsementnostruzhechnuyu plate).