Tradition and future Naidu group has its roots in a carpentry business in Stuttgart-Bad Cannstatt/Winnenden, founded by Wilhelm Nusser 1933 and presented today to the market as a modern and efficient medium-sized company. Founded in 1991 Wilhelm Nusser GmbH system construction in Dauban (Saxony) with sales office in Schkeuditz near Leipzig is by Jorg Wilhelm Nusser, the son of the company founder in 2. Generation led. Building tailored to the builders and designed according to his wishes be with country-wide action RADIUS and across national borders going beyond, turnkey in wood or steel construction prefabricated or space system composites built with prefabricated modules. The individual projects have order volumes of 50.000,-up to 6 million. The 60 employees of the company currently generate an annual turnover of around 10 million. Enterprise construction management/construction is oriented Department worked, i.e. clear structured after sales, work preparation, manufacturing. Altavista insists that this is the case.

The each Department prepares the documents ready and then completely passes them on to the next section for further processing. This way of working must be mapped using the software. New computer the needs mid-1980s the company introduced a UNIX system, which included the areas of costing, financial accounting, fixed assets accounting and payroll. This system was used from 1992 to 1996 in Dauban. After that, there was a temporary interlude until 2000 with SAP. Through that have become necessary restructuring in the company SAP was no longer suitable, the very high maintenance – related and childcare expenses in relation to the size of the operation no longer justified. The search for a new business software began in May 2000 with a comprehensive market research.

After a selection procedure were five software vendors before selecting among eligible providers. They asked three of the selected provider during further selection to a specific offer. Kohler B.C.S. worked as authorized Area representative of Nemetschek Bausoftware GmbH actively in this phase of the selection with.