The choice of smartphones is simply not at the myriad options. Kai-Fu Lee is often quoted as being for or against this. How to choose this question, currently standing in front of the selection of a new cell phone? Generally almost everyone in the generation of Smartphone should have arrived, i.e. that other devices will probably always less be taken into consideration. But now the question arises, what features or which design emphasizes the individual and whether you can find relatively good equipment in lower price categories. Touch-screen QWERTY keyboard or both? “” First is important to find out for themselves personally, whether more of the type of touch-screen “or QWERTY keyboard” or a mixture of both is possible.

Basically thats of course exclusively reserved the potential buyers, although the different versions objectively have their advantages and disadvantages. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Mikkel Svane by clicking through. A cell phone is for example one who really puts much emphasis on business functions, possible long battery, and especially fast sending of messages and emails, rather with QWERTY keyboard to guess because you definitely will find advantages in this genre. Because both the battery runtimes are usually very long in the top models of BlackBerry, LG, Motorola, the functionality in the first place and the business functions usually extremely user friendly. In contrast, there are certainly a wide variety of potential customers, who place value on design and fun on the device itself. For this, soon published of course the iPhone 4S or that new iPhone 5 in the shortlist could come if this is financially in the personal context. Comparable to expensive, technically the iPhone 4s to ahead one finds the Samasung Galaxy SIII, which definitely takes the top spot among the smartphones at the moment and you must wait eagerly, to what extent the iPhone 5 is technically competitive.

Featuring views of top models of for each category, is it worth but defintiv even cheaper models to look at financial, which have to offer both a QWERTY keyboard and a touch screen. Here, for example, the Motorola Pro would be plus to lead. This phone is both equipped with very good pressure point, as well as a really excellent reacting touch-screen keyboard. A 5 MP camera, Android as a working operating system and some other features can actually expect to a device in the high price segment. But far from it: With just 4 s (5) times a fraction of the price of an IPhone or a Samsung Galaxy SIII this device should represent a real alternative. So if you want both and is not ready to be found in the highest price category should the device seriously consider because you can really not much wrong make.