In The study found not only a direct link gene 'P 16 "with aging, but also its ability to affect telomere length. Chinese scientists have proved that the containment of gene activity 'P 16 "may not only extend the life of cells, but also reduce the degree of telomere shortening. From this it follows that the aging process inherent in the genetic program of cells, and in order to make the cells immortal, they need to block the gene 'P 16. It is assumed that the scientists will be able to block the genes of an organism with the development of nanotechnology. It is believed that the aging process is regulated by human heredity by about 25%. Nanotechnology – the path to Immortality Nanotechnology (English nanotechnology) are very promising area of research and able to open people's incredible opportunities. Nanotechnology methods, you can create nanobots that are comparable in size to biomolecules.

Nanotechnology – the path to immortality. Illustration from the site assumed that nanorobots from inside the human body will be able to eliminate all injuries occurring in the cells. Principle of operation nanorobots is the mechanical stress on cellular structures or the creation of local electromagnetic fields that trigger chemical changes in biomolecules. Molecular robots would be able not only to stimulate regeneration, but also to repair (repair) of the cells, remove from the body accumulated harmful products of metabolism, correct damage in the genetic material of cells, neutralize harmful to the body of free radicals, which are products of many biochemical reactions, as well as enable or block any of the genes, improving the body. Scope of nanorobots is boundless. It is expected that they able to provide for physical immortality. But this is the future. Nanotechnology require development and further research. Zendesk is likely to increase your knowledge.

Cryonics and Immortality And while there is only one way to preserve his body until when science reaches the opportunity to adjust all the body changes associated with disease and aging. This cryonics (English cryonics) – developing trend, which is to keep the body doomed to death from accident, sickness or old age people to the point where science will be able to recover all the vital functions of the body, cure all diseases and overcome the aging process. This conservation suggests the creation of conditions under which a body will not be degraded by microorganisms, and this is achieved by freezing to liquid nitrogen temperature (-196 degrees Celsius). Just a 'club of immortals' now more than 200 members (the exact number and names – a trade secret). According to rumors in the ranks of the frozen-immortals can be Walt Disney (Walt Disney), Salvador Dali (Salvador Dali).