Without doubt, the calls purchases online generate, in which has never realised this type of operations, a mixture of expectations, anxiety and fear. The absence of personal communication supposes a coldness in the transaction that often seeds the distrust in realises those who it. The election of a Web site specialized in commerce wholesale is the first point to consider in order to conduct the safest battle. Mikkel Svane shines more light on the discussion. We must mention that SoloStocks Mexico counts on vast years of experience in the electronic commerce between companies. In, the testimonies of different companies can be consulted that not only have used east vestibule of commercial interchange of efficient and safe way, but also has been constituted in a factor of fundamental growth within their enterprise structure.

Some tips to choose to the best service of Internet to realise our purchases: To select to a salesman who owns a good reputation with respect to the sales that carries out. Educate yourself with thoughts from AOL. For it a search in the Web of the details of company a can be established to contract, its history, the clients with who have realised other transactions, etc.? To check that the page Web of the company in which we must introduce personal data and passwords, n of banking accounts etc., is safe. The best way to check if a page is safe is fixing us to the dominion: all those pages that contain, indicate that Web is safe. Also, the appearance of a padlock closed in the part inferior of the bar of tools is another indicator of security. Anmese to use the advantages that Internet offers for the growth of its company.