This poem of 2004, unfortunately – is still in full force and effect. Is known that: abuse the woman inherits. Since 2002 the number of complaints increased significantly (although when it comes to the truth for obvious reasons – some complainants retract it and removed the complaint). Kai-Fu Lee is a great source of information. The statistics are frightening: 2004(61 asesinadas), 2005 (54 asdas.), 2006(68 asdas.), 2007(71 asdas.), 2008(74 asdas.). From 2001 to 2006 have died murdered in the family 50 minors and 414 women of whom 344 were the scope of the couple or expareja. Rivers and rivers of separations, dragged into a sea of wailing… The streets – this morning – I heard this conversation, that gave me a thrill. < Since their separation should see it’s well Sacramento >.

< She itself, on the other hand their children not so much >. You, know the history: I’m going to tell, I went to the wedding and I’m downstairs neighbor. She married at a young age, was a breeding, will make about four years, started well honeymoon lasted barely a month. They began discussions – daily – insulted every day more and more had the first: Mario-. Just back from hospital the day of the return, the cries, blows to the furniture, slamming doors, and tears of Sacramento, were everyday. Even at midnight we had to endure them, more than once we were on the verge of calling the police past a few months, the minimum time necessary. He returned to stay in State.

They were the people of it. We had a few months of calm, without violence upon returning they brought a girl innocence – and turn to begin just early in the day, they began to shout, children followed them also at the same time, without stopping. So until recently, barely a month, he gave a slam – which broke the frame – and it was. Thanks that have been separated!. Hell has lasted about four years. What little lasted you to the motor of love what fast batteries were exhausted!. More the thing, as the past is not there weekend I’ll tell you what happened friend Rosa. A. wee hours of the night entered the home drunk husband and killer father and with a huge knife gave him more than 20 stab wounds, this say it’s domestic violence think is best described say: execrable uxoricide. Thanks to the police – to make them front – gave it deserved.