Hoist – lifting mechanism. Hoist – the most convenient in operation at the present time lifting construction. Now, hoist is one of the few lifting devices, used as industrial enterprises, and in repair shops, service stations, ports, and several other serznyh objects. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Rite Aid. It should be noted and that the hoist can be used both separately and become a compulsory part of more complex structures: the crane-beams, single-girder bridge cranes, jib cranes, etc. Hoist can be either stationary or portable, rope and chain.

The velocity switch to single-speed hoist is divided into two speed and. Lifting hoist mechanism designed so that at the touch of a hook for a maximal upper and lower limit of the limit switches are triggered, limiting the progress of the hoist. It is possible to limit capacity. In that case, if the load exceeded the maximum permissible level, lifting mechanism does not start. A relatively small the cost of the hoist, a wide variety of fields of application, plus the ease of its administration explains its wide distribution in the Russian Federation. Site material handling equipment when Using materials reference to the site is necessary.