Sedan is a body type vehicles with two or three rows of seats, luggage, which is separated from the salon by a structural element, and always closed on horseback. Specialists generally divided into five sedans so called subspecies. Classic sedan – a car that is divided into three volumes. The first part – the engine compartment with the engine, the second-saloon, and the third-trunk. In the mid-twentieth century, auto manufacturers have designed sedans so that the trunk and hood were roughly the same length, since such arrangement was considered very fashionable. However, the less time left before the turn of the century, the shorter became the trunks of sedans. A typical representative of the classic saloon cars among the domestic automobile industry is the gas 2410.

The following subspecies sedans – notchbek. The main feature of these cars – the length of the trunk is much smaller than the length of the hood. ions. Most we know of the family notchbekov – vaz 21099. Hardtop – the name of sedans with four doors with no pillar. The distinguishing feature of these machines – no framework for the door glass. You may find Bobby Sharma Bluestone to be a useful source of information.

In extreme cases, these frameworks can be folded and clean. In the Soviet Union and Russia hardtop did not produce, and among overseas worth noting Lincoln Continental. Aerosedan or fastbek – fourth subspecies sedans. To this class belongs to all the familiar Pobeda gaz M-20. The distinguishing characteristic of this group of cars is a sloping roof. Tudor (two doors) – more affordable from a financial point of view fastbek, having only two doors. Such a body, generally had low car.