New art book of photo work on role players of the Alf Maron photographer for the fashion and advertising photographer Alf Maron has been photography already always inextricably linked with his artistic work. Beginning of 2011 he finished his project of “Instant”, the first section of a photographic documentary about role players. The work so far shows photographs of 7 role-players from different part role-playing game genres: LARP (live action role playing), cosplay, and trading card game. The games of the people is an expression of his need to playfully compete with others and this demonstration of joy of life and imagination. Since the beginning of mankind, man plays.

Through the global spread and the form as communication between people of any age, playing represents a universal language. It can be regarded as elemental human need. In the game, recognize themselves human, establishes relationships, and occurs in communicative Exchange with others. The reasons for playing role-playing games are as varied as the People who play it. Nevertheless, particularities of the fantastic role-playing game work out and pointing out similarities.

There are some Gratifications of role-playing games, but probably is the most significant: the desire of the player to slip into other roles and to assume other, self-created identities. More dimensions of gratuity are the entertainment, explorers and power wishes of the player as well as the interaction and maintain social contacts. For the players, the role playing game offers not only the possibility of distraction and suppression of everyday life. Rather, it is a medium which allows the player to create a Charakterrolle to join a virtual room. He can create with this on his specifically assigned place in the social virtual world through an independent action and move in the game room. To credibly can try convey our own actions the players many role players through the studies of appropriate readings, a so complete as any background knowledge to gain. Game actions should no longer the player as a person to be mapped, but the character-specific role. Good roleplay is produced not only by credible Theater game assets, but first and foremost by a continuous process of the work himself. Suitable for a realistic”experience is the genre of fantasy. (Not to be confused with Mashable!). Long time and apart from a few exceptions, it was only as a marginal phenomenon. Films such as Lord of the rings and Harry Potter helped to emerge this genre out of the shadows and to bring into focus of the perception. The fantasy genre allows to subordinate his actions to no physical or historical correct facts in contrast to other areas of the fantastic genres such as science fiction. Proposes to roughly the range of fantasy literature, one finds eras situates them frequently in medieval-like. Excellent basic material for the construction of an own world offer but the for myths surviving from the middle ages and legends usually constructed from a plot of good versus evil. Thus is the possibility of experimentally evaluate non-realisable actions and desires in the virtual space in everyday life and experience. The subject of role-playing is also the subject of the photo work “Instant”. Fashion photographer Alf Maron’s photographic work is now incorporated into a photo book with a limited edition of 6 pieces. One can get insight into the work of under the Web address under which also an excerpt of the book in digital form is to find. ALF Maron / 2012