If the hard disk is the information you require then you should be extremely cautious and try to copy the information to other media. You would think that this can happen only if the drive is visible in the bios. Not necessarily. A very common myth about the hard drive. Often the case when the hard drive is not visible in the bios and the operating system windows98, but windowsXP sees and works with no problems, since it uses no information from the bios, and their own driver. Also, special programs to diagnose and repair errors on hard drives from manufacturers, usually working through the internal hard disk controller, and not through the 13th interrupt bios, and use them better. If the hard disk, there is no relevant information – the first that can help is to remove all partitions and create new and then formatting it.

Logical problems of small saving of 99%. For more serious Troubleshooting using software from the manufacturer. Since different models of hard disks can have different internal commands, utilities from different vendors work only with their models hard disk drives. Typically, such programs have the following features: Analysis of efficiency of main units hard drive. Partitioning and markings.

Setting the DMA. Access to official information (passport drive). SMART Information Scanning the first and last megabyte of the surface. Check all surfaces for physical damage. Test simulation of high load the hard drive. In some cases, the use of diagnostic programs producers in finding errors, control hdd for error code (if it is not the fault of iron) itself can perform the restore operation. If the hard drive really important information, you should carefully use the recovery, since the use of any software programs and utilities can occur permanently erase data. Therefore it is better to resort to computer service.