We were those that sooner or later we exerted violence or lack of affection and now that returns to us. This idea can be understood as a form to evade to us of the present and the social responsibility, that one that we have with our resemblances, but is exactly the opposite. The society as body grows and is developed from that ordering where we are not watching but actors. To believe in this, is also to think that we are more than this life and that the time is eternal, that we will return time and time again until the account is settled. For me the idea of the reincarnation is the one that adjusts more to the sense of the existence. But although this outside false one, although we have not been the one who in the past we exerted rewarding acts not at all, we think that in our blood and our genes the violence of our ancestors circulates.

If there is no a krmica chain there is a genetic chain and if we do not return appearing again we turn green again in our children. If we were just that a single life, to act in the sense of our correct blossoming will be reflected in our descendants and will be our action an opening that will move beyond the present time. The world has been built by centuries so that the material has prevailed like fundamental. Now that already nothing is safe, we will only find the sense true moving away to us of the matter. A philosopher recently said that the nothing can be robbed, I to me I do not agree, the nothing is inatrapable. To drain to us of the superficial senses that they govern to us will be a Renaissance form: the house, the money and the objects took, but we were, naked in the desert of ours you bring back to consciousness, and we smiled. It is the word, just a little bit of water, the Earth, the mud and our sensation to be wanting, to be making song.