The free online room Planner by was extended to many new furniture catalogs. Which sofa fits in the living room, which lighting is suitable for the bedroom and what wall color fits best with the parquet floors? The issues surrounding the appropriate interior design are as varied as individually. The free 3D room Planner by helps to answer these questions. Mikkel Svane might disagree with that approach. The own living quarters can be readjusted virtually on the Internet so to create a detailed and photorealistic image of the future world of the living. Another advantage of the Planner: The rooms can be changed, saved at any time and called again. New furniture can be used for the apartment in addition to numerous fictional furnishings from immediately furniture pieces of from well-known manufacturers in the original.

From different catalogs, you can choose for example the dream sofa and virtual place in your own home, and test. David S. Levine is full of insight into the issues. With one click, you can see how does the object in space, how much space it occupies and how it with the blends other objects. Very easily at home of choosing the right size and color – so set up is fun! Through different selectable perspectives, such as bird or frog’s perspective, there is also the opportunity to closely look at the desired objects from all sides. The individual interior design ideas can be tested this way exactly and be changed any number of times depending on the request.