The use of modern materials in construction. In modern construction are widely used plastic pipe (PE pipe), let's see what kind of pipe. Plastic pipes are separated by types of materials: 1. Pipes pnd.Plastikovye hdpe are made of polyethylene. The application is very broad – water-supply network, gas pipeline, heating, sewage, Shell Pipe ppu and the protection of electrical networks.

For water networks and pipelines used polyethylene grades 100, 80, (PE 80, PE-100). Plastic hdpe produced by extrusion of raw materials with modern equipment in a seamless pipe that provides a seamless hdpe. Computer quality control eliminates the production of defective products. Pipes produce different length depending on the diameter and wall thickness. Pipe diameters from 16 mm to 110 mm are bays for 100 m. Polyethylene pipes with a diameter of more than 110 mm intervals to produce 12 meters. By use of this product special markings – sdr, the ratio of wall thickness to diameter.

Manufactured pipe of sdr 41, 33, 26, 21, 17.6, 17, 13.6, 11, 9.0, 7.4, 6.0. sdr defines working pressure pipes with different wall thickness. Polyethylene pipes are produced with diameters from 16 mm to 2000 mm.Soedinenie hdpe butt welding is performed manually or stationary welding machine. For sewer Mon used polyethylene grades 63, 32, (PE 63, pe 32) 2. Polipropilenovye.Dlya heating pipes are used in polypropylene tubes. The properties of this material is distinct from low pressure polyethylene temperature and chemical resistance. Polypropylene tubes used for heating systems with temperature media up to 90 degrees Celsius. To eliminate the linear strain in the pipe wall during the production of aluminum foil is inserted – such pipes called reinforced. Traditional marking polypropylene tubes pn – a working pressure which is measured in MPa. Produce pn 4, 6, 10, 16, 20, 25. For example pn 6 is a pipe with a working pressure of 6 MPa and 6 atmospheres. The pipes are produced only four segments m or 12m. The compound polypropylene pipes welded Threaded. 3. Pipes pvh.PVH is polyvinyl chloride. From this raw material to produce many products, toys, utensils, etc. In the tube had grown out of it to produce pipes sewer segments from 1 m to 6 m Connection Flare with rubber gaskets.