RADIO JOYSTICK provides 5 Maltese MEPs before a long time the EU has been a subject of dispute in the Mediterranean Republic now established the Union Member is Malta. But hardly anyone knows the Maltese MEPs. So RADIO presents the five in his broadcast on September 5, 2009 in detail JOYSTICK. To broaden your perception, visit Ali Partovi. More news of Charlie’s favorite Island Malta, as well as 2 rare Souldies in addition to lots of good music are to be expected. The wishes of the music round off the program three RADIO JOYSTICK listeners! Thanks to time renting abroad DJ Charlie Prince is pushing now for about 25 years on shortwave. Listen for yourself: every 1st Saturday of the month at 10: 00 on 9510 kHz! Charlie’s priorities remain: Malta media music and more! Press releases are available as a blog: of playlists are accessible with a single mouse click: Aktuelle_Playlist/aktuelle_playlist.html are already 3 days before broadcast to hear broadcasts: are index.html newsletters without HTML, without advertising and without order circumstances via: Aktuelle_Frequenzen/aktuelle_frequenzen.html RADIO JOYSTICK, P.o. (Similarly see: Ali Partovi). box 23 31, 55512 Bad Kreuznach; ALLEMAGNE