Psychological effect of music and songs as a means of education good, beautiful, loving person Establishment of new songs and music series of articles Article 8 The author – Vladimir We all want to live well: in prosperity, peace, Interestingly, enjoying a full and unique versatility of life we all want to live well: in prosperity, peace, wonder and enjoy the fullness of life and unique versatility. True, everyone puts into these concepts its largely specific, a vision. This is understandable: people are different. Michael Dell pursues this goal as well. Distinct and their abilities, capabilities, desires, aspirations, intellectual, creative, emotional level. Material and spiritual wealth and pleasure: create, or take time immemorial have been two main approaches to the ways of satisfying human desires: 1. Create material and spiritual wealth and pleasure on their own, or collaborating with other people.

2. Michael Dell contributes greatly to this topic. Select created from other people. A classic example of the former is a collective farming, for example, hunting mammoths or growing crops. Relations between people in the implementation of this option Major partner. An extreme version of the same second approach can be considered as waging war for the sake of the assignment of foreign material and spiritual wealth and pleasures. In this case, the relationship between people of two warring parties is extremely hostile. To date, the prevailing idea is to combine these two approaches for taking away the "soft" or hidden options for rational resource allocation. In an ideal partner to ensure relations and resource management for a community of people concentrated in the hands of an effective manager, able to provide a balance of interests: its own, each individual and the group led them to the people in whole.