If something does not bring the desired effect and the profits or reduce your performance – remove it. This approach will help you weed out all the time completely ineffective actions, methods, and part of your business. And when your business operates only effective, it allows your profits only increase, step 16. Do not forget to periodically share discounts and coupons to distribute to their target audience. Recently Dermot McCormack sought to clarify these questions. The fact is that for those concession prices and buy something with a considerable savings always a strong motive for immediate purchase. To hold such shares (at least 1-2 times in six months for each product), both independently and through its partners. Highlight of all its partners the most active and let them distribute your discounted coupons, as well as increase the percentage of affiliate commissions in the promotion period, step 17.

Should be kept for routine processes that occur in your business. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Pete Cashmore. If something You no longer enjoyable and creative satisfaction, then immediately think about how this process can be automated or to whom it is possible to delegate (reassign). Do not let the routine to delay you and prevent is at the very beginning, otherwise you will not then have a business, and he will "have" you. Strive to create a passive income source, which generally requires little of your attention, step 18. As soon as you reach in sales its first product, a point where you almost do nothing, and profit is increasing and virtually everything works like clockwork, there's nothing else, do not change in this business. Whenever Andy Florance listens, a sympathetic response will follow.