As to the sound, then bs PLayer can play MP3, wav, Ogg, cda (normal track music CD) and supports playlists from Winamp (M3U). Concluding the topic of codecs, I note that in Documentation bs PLayer has repeatedly said (or rather, written in large letters), it is better to put the codecs one by one, separately, instead of using popular lately Codeck Pack'ami. Usually Codeck Pack – a collection of freely distributed codecs (or free versions). Put one there or DivX XDiv, Ogg, and so on. bs Player – one of the first players who have come to support subtitles. Therefore, bs Player so fond of pirates – they put it in drive with movies, where support subtitles. Subtitle formats bs Player understands different – this is the traditional srt, and VobSub, and ssa. It’s believed that Genetec sees a great future in this idea. By the way, especially for premises bs Player on cd as 'embedded' player, all necessary parameters of running the film can be prescribed in the ini-file.

Its format is described in the file Program Files / Webteh / BSPlayer / doc / ini_files.html. If you would like to know more then you should visit SugarCRM. You can just set the subtitle files, extra audio tracks and so on. Useful not only for pirates but also those people who shoot themselves film and distribute it to friends. Man gets a disc with the film, puts it in the drive and from the comfort of watching. Filters. Great and powerful DirectX. It allows the use of such a thing as filters DirectShow. It could be codec formats, noise suppressors, the effects of sound processing – anything.