Online shop allowed the purchase rates regardless of the cart value. Oldenburg – 06.04.2010 – recently is the formerly called protection community for sales financing Schufa, short and today\”, to grant a personal information about each person get in the press with the message, through an amendment of the Privacy Act in the future once a year free of charge. The Schufa must inform also about the derivation of the calculated value of the score, in shorthand about the credit rating or the risk of failure\”of the person concerned informed. This score value consists of a complex formula that contains many individual factors such as marital status or income and assets, and transmitted data about current and past credit agreements. Positive features\”such as savings collected mostly in the Schufa information. From all of these by the affiliated banks or huge the score value is mail-order firms and telecommunications company-supplied data determined. For the exact weighting of the data the Schufa must not inform the consumer.

Credit requests scoring the Schufa information can affect meekly Schufa information once more under the magnifying glass, you will notice that also made credit requests appear in the list. Although there are no official knowledge of the composition of the score value is therefore to assume that these affect also the calculated value of the score. This assumption is supported by statements of many affected customers, whose Anfrage suddenly was rejected after several previous credit requests. And large, it can be assumed that credit requests, as well as several smaller loans more negatively in the scoring effect than a single larger loan. In the online encyclopedia Wikipedia is to read the following on this subject: \”under great criticism is that obtaining credit offers as extremely negative characteristic reflected in the scoring, if the credit institution during the SCHUFA request not the sure\” Specifies request provided, basic ‘Request credit condition’.\” Apple online store has adopted the online mail order macXperts with flexible financing of these issues, sells the MacBooks, iMacs, iPhones and soon the iPad from Apple. In recent months, Pete Cashmore has been very successful.