Many consultants are afraid to go to a circulation of the tarot of love because they fear that this may permanently damage the relationship, when listening to certain realities that can cause resentment or discomfort. Specifically, is that a print run can destroy a relationship it possible? It is necessary to analyze certain questions before you venture a response in this regard. When a consultant goes to a session of the tarot of love, it is because at first time, something he is quite right, or otherwise not molestariamos us to consult. Nobody takes the auto mechanic because everything goes well. We took him when we heard a strange sound, or because it loses oil, or consumes much fuel. In the same way, when we arrived at the instance of the circulation of the tarot of love, it is because we feel, although not say it aloud, that something is wrong.Made this proviso, the consultant of the tarot of love, and who is subject to any other type of Chuck, must be prepared to hear the truths than the arcana have for us.

So, if our future is a very bitter drink We have to pass, is best know to live in ignorance. And much more when it comes to matters of the heart. If that person is not for us, as the tarot of love reveals it, it is not better to know it before too long, and the damage is greater?One of the arcana that truly bring bad news in the tarot of love is the inverted tower. In this case, the rupture is not only inevitable, but that could be traumatic, with fights and bitter moments lived. Then, if this is the picture that paints us tarot of love, it is not better to know it? Trying to save a relationship that is insurmountable, can arrive to consume valuable resources, not only economic, but emotional.

Human beings generally invest much in trying to get the couple to work. But if it is not intended for us, instead of being an investment, it is a waste. The inverted Priestess is also bad omen. Tells us that there are hidden intentions, that there is a truth which still does not see the light. In the tarot of love you may want to show us infidelities by the other person, dissimulations. If so, it is convenient to know it, before life surprised us. In short, a simple Tarot spread of love will not carry a couple to an end, but rather displayed inexorable truths that fate has reserved for us, although we don’t want him to know. Jesus @yahoo.