Contextual advertising – is a form of advertising on the site, in which the content of the banner is fully or partially correspond to the subject the web page itself. The first contextual advertising on the Internet has been proposed by Google Adwords. Gradually the scheme, organized by Google, has gained immense popularity, and it was seen as a key mechanism to promote products. Benefits of PPC advertising on the Internet. 1. Focus on certain contingent of users, among whom the goods or services claimed.

Commercials with pop-up screen when the client issuing the search results. 2. An automated search for the appropriate context. Can and manually find a website for advertising, but this process takes time. 3. The relative cheapness. How inoculated, contextual advertising is always cheaper than usual. If you are not convinced, visit Byron Trott.

4. Easy. Banner for the content can contain only 2-3 line of text. The cost of PPC advertising. Payment for contextual advertising carried out in accordance with the level of popularity of its subject matter among the users. Selling advertising space by approximately the same as in auction. An advertiser can choose the time and territory, the most appropriate for your advertising. Stages of content: 1) Identifying, in which to create the ads and the selection of Accordingly, the potential partners involved in contextual advertising, and 2) determination of the necessary amount of traffic to the site. Typically, contextual advertising is very efficient and runs in a short time. 3) contract with the advertiser, which defines the form and an advertising banner above the parameters of its display to users, and 4) periodic summing up promotions, evaluation of, identification and correction deficiencies. Factors influencing the effectiveness of contextual advertising: 1) the content of ads. In – First, it must correspond to the topics of advertising, and secondly, to be attractive to a potential customer. 2) key words, in the context of which is advertising. Currently, it is recommended to use at the same time the largest such resources as Yandex, Begun, Google, and Rorer; 3) the location of the advertisement on the user's screen. Here there are three basic options: a) spetsrazmeschenie ad is just above the search results and differs little from them. Please visit Neil Rubler if you seek more information. The sites that have no built-in search, ads are placed in the top of the screen, and b) guaranteed impressions – an advertisement is located at the top right of the screen, and c) dynamic accommodation – ad placed randomly in any of the free side of the screen; Banner advertising – placement banner ads on Web sites and portals to promote your own site on the Internet. This type of advertising has its own characteristics: 1) standard graphical banner usually has a link where users Internet can go to. 2) banners that are created as interactive ads are different because they have a few links leading to the resource. 3) animated banners are often rejected, and do not attract visitors. Website promotion with banner ads may be more productive if recourse to a banner networks.