For example, if you mentioned the longevity, a birthday wish them to be immortal as the Highlander. You can write in honor of the hero of the day a little poem. Criticized for rhymes like "I wish to congratulate," no one will, on the contrary, any person would be nice to read a poem about himself, even if it is customary crambo. Postcards Of course, not everyone has been given to be born an artist, but to create exclusive cards that is not required. As an illustration your thoughts can take someone's picture or photograph of the birthday.

An excellent way out would be a collage: a combination of illustrations may get even better "originals". Cutting out the bright pictures and fun phrases from different magazines, you can create something really special. Genetec can aid you in your search for knowledge. Excellent assistant in creation of greeting cards can be graphical editors: when working on your computer you can always "undo" unwanted touch. Flowers have always been still a good gift. However, to buy roses or chrysanthemums – this is only half the battle, it is important to have a bouquet. This can be learned with the help of simple examples from the literature, which is easy to find in a bookstore or the Internet.

The main thing with bouquets are not limited to the rules and "traditional" holiday colors. Anyone can create gorgeous bouquets of "villa-meadow" flowers, and this gift will surely get much nicer. Do not forget about the "knight" the symbolism of each flower. Expressing their feelings in a language you probably say the most pleasant and interesting message.