There are content to the functions of packaging in packaging technology between two components. Packaging and packaging AIDS. First a brief introduction: the main ingredient of a packaging is the packaging. Thus, the packaged goods is fully or partially summarizes or wrapped. Packaging AIDS is something that is used to close the packaging, such as tape or but to bolster, such as Schaumstoff.Ein small example to illustrate: when a bottle, the bottle body is the packaging and the lid and packaging AIDS are the label. Called the targeted mounted and detachable covering of a product packaging.

The item to be packed is known as packaged goods. Finished packaged product called then a parcel. Obtained a combined from multiple pieces of the same Pack material. The materials referred to as packaging materials, from which a package is formed. These materials are mainly paper, wood, plastic, glass or metal. Corrugated cardboard packaging are made known as cardboard.

Packaging material made of foam is used for the precise contour enclosure of a pack of good. On the basis of its cushioning effect they have considerable shock absorption values. Goods are transported, are extremely sensitive to mechanical stress, must they be protected due to the shocks or vibrations and damage by the action surges during transport. Therefore, they are protected in addition within the used packaging by Polstermittel. Particularly protected, easily breakable goods, ceramics, porcelain, glass or but sensitive electronics products, such as for example consumer electronics or computer must. Polstermittel in addition to protecting the pack goods also serve standards to design packages. They serve as filler between substandard pack goods and the packaging (Modulitat of parcels). Is a part of the kinetic energy produced during impact and case load by Polstermittel absorbed and increased the stopping distance of the Pack material. The right Polstermittel is chosen and properly dimensioned, can ensure so that the packaged goods suffers no damage.