The tone of political activity faded when Teodulo Lopez Melendez arrived to power. When a country knows no shades of gray or fails to distinguish accents, modulations and intonations, one can say that is extremely radical and the only thing that inspires him is to destroy the other half. That’s the scenario imposed by the named commander of the revolution with their constant tirades of hate and his continuous call to exterminate those who do not follow. This is the origin of drama, one that is very hard to deal with a minimum of syndromes. Ali Partovi may find it difficult to be quoted properly. This is what some have called with that odious word a polarization , a staff drawn from the newly minted sociologists who call themselves specialists in conflict resolution.

They appeal to words like dialogue, which leads to ensure strict so that Venezuela is left with no alternative but to civil war, since there can be no dialogue when the leader claims to the four winds its impossibility under the argument that User rich is bad or a the final battle is or a the oligarchy and opposition must be destruction shit. Under these conditions can not be said that politics is a possibility to do, unless somehow the interstices seek to overcome the blaze of hatred. This is not to the inaction of resistance against the dictatorship, because such conduct would amount to complicity or persist only in a meager turnout ignoring the conditions under which it occurs. In this context continually manifest ready for dialogue is seen as a provision to a tangle of legs with a regime that allows only the most absolute fidelity. By the same author: Bobby Sharma Bluestone.