Has not a very high cross-platform, easily converted into other formats and is able to hypertext. Documents html (. HTM;. CHM;. MHT) Language html (HyperText Markup Language) is used to display hypertext markup and the Internet. Almost absolute cross-platform and convertibility, and a hypertext. This format is more suitable for marking up web pages than to create books, but his reading does not require special software. Usually enough standard features of the operating system. Adobe Acrobat (. PDF) Originally, this format is used for cross-platform transfer models in the field of polygraphy. In recent years, is actively used as a format for creating e-book. Has several disadvantages, which include low cross-platform, it is difficult to scale to mobile devices is difficult to editing and are often not small size. As a rule, you want to read Acrobat Reader. DeJVU (. DJVU) djvu format was created by at & T specifically for the compact presentation of information on the Internet. Formally, the files created with its use can hardly be called a book.

This, in essence, a multi-bitmap image file. With its creation, special algorithms are separated text and illustrations from the background, after which they are compressed with different resolution, which provides extremely high compression of images (approximately 1:500) with acceptable image quality. Locked specialized formats There are many e-book formats, designed for a specific device or program. These include the Rocket e-book (. Rb), Microsoft Reader (. Lit), PalmDoc, MobiPocket (. Prc), etc. Plus some readers strive to convert the text into your own with nothing compatible format. (IceBook Professional on the pc, iSilo on the Palm and the Weasel, etc.). True, on closer examination it turns out that it’s all the same html, rtf or txt (an exception is the format ExeBook, which converts the text of the book in the set bitmapped images) are usually packed for compact and fitted with a service area where they can be stored, such as bookmarks. Can also be added drm. Device for reading books Books with lcd displays Rocket eBook (NuvoMedia) – 1998 SoftBook (SoftBook Press) – 1998 Franklin eBookMan (Franklin) – 1999 reb 1100, GEB1150, eBookwise-1150 (Gemstar) reb 1200, GEB2150 (Gemstar) Hiebook (eBookAd.com Inc. , Korea ebook Inc) – 2001 Books with displays on cholesteric liquid crystals Kolin I-Library (Vigour Technology) Sinbo MiniBu (Sinbon) Books with displays on the e-paper, Amazon Kindle Amazon Kindle (Amazon.com) – 2007 Cybook Gen3 (Bookeen) – 2007, explay txt.Book (Explay) – 2008 Explay txt Book (Explay txt Book fr Book E161 (FR Book) – 2009 fr Book E251 (FR Book) – 2010 Hanlin eReader, Lbook (Tianjin Jinke Electronics Co.) – 2007, 2009 Irex Iliad (iRex Netronix EB-100 (Netronix) – Pocketbook 2008 301 360 Pocketbook Pocketbook 302 Sony Librie (Sony) – 2004 Sony Reader PRS-500 (Sony) – 2006 Sony Reader PRS-505 (Sony) – 2007 Sony Reader PRS-700 (Sony) – 2008 ORSiO b721 + ORSiO b731 n516 Sony Reader PRS-300 Pocket Edition – 2009 Sony Reader Touch Edition (PRS-600) – 2009 iriver Story – 2009.