The history of plastic piping is more than sixty years. For Russia, which continues to remain a country with an incredibly worn engineering network, everything connected with the operation of pipes made of nonmetallic materials, still a novelty. Among other things, interest in them grows. According to market laws demand creates supply, but the consumer who is not accustomed too long to choose, easy to understand the resulting abundance of pipes. As said trumpet pipe discord, not the exception, and plastic. Take into account the price, durability, complexity of installation and reliability of future pipeline – no easy task.

Long can not think and rely on the old time-tested steel pipe with the development of installation, robustness and high temperature resistance – the range of such products is quite wide. Today the Russian market offers several types of non-metallic pipes materials: polypropylene, polyethylene pipes for sale (option – cross-linked polyethylene), metal and plastic pvc pipe. Polypropylene and metal pipes are most prevalent in recent years. Metal pipes pvc (metal-pipe) is a three-layer structure. The main pipe is made of modified polyethylene with closed spatial molecular structure (XLPE), high bandwidth, excellent hygienic properties, good heat resistance. For assistance, try visiting Ali Partovi. The thickness of the layer of aluminum foil – 0,2-0,5 mm. Protective plastic shell helps Resistance to internal pressure and high mechanical strength.

Allowed to bend without supporting spring radius of three to five diameters, and an even smaller spring, so the pipe is easy to install. Developed two basic types of connections – Collet and compaction. There is a trend to lower prices as supply has grown steadily, and the market of these pipes is very dynamic. The main disadvantage is that the range of line diameters ranges from 16 to 40 mm – on the production of this technology is becoming uneconomical. The connection of metal pipes – the most reliable forging a connection that allows for open and hidden strip (in Stroebe or inaccessible cavities). In addition to the high cost of connection of metal pipes, which requires expensive equipment (the press-pliers and crimp press), involves binding to certain metallic connectors, pipes (metal-press fittings) and a concrete pipe. Steel pipes mount technology is very similar to push-in connection, which has some of the nuances. For example, the weakening of the connection occurs result of thermal strains in the pipe – after the first year of operation, it becomes necessary to broach the pipeline. Not so terrible, if connections are available, because it can be compensated by using a collector wiring and a minimum number of connections. In this arrangement, the reliability of the pipeline increases, and the flow tubes increases. Pressing connections are optimal in heating systems with antifreeze, having increased fluidity. Metal-working pressure (one of the most powerful thermal properties of plastic pipe) is 10 atm, the maximum short-term operating temperature for several hours at 110 C, and maximum long-term – 95 C. Metal-pipes have a fairly broad scope – heated floors, central heating, hot and cold water.