They are these apelos that make you to waste its work with uselessness. How many torpedoes you already sent, or received, today, this week, in this month. The cellular telephone is a machine to communicate messages par excellence and not a toy as they try making to believe in them. Because and so that a cellular one needs TV, Photographic Machine, Agenda, Lanterns, MP3, Video, Games, GPS? curious it was the case of the face that if lost following the GPS of its car. Made well. After all? the telephone it is a device to exhaust attention. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Robotics expert . It sees well for where want taking in them? for attention lack, for not the reasoning, lack of discernment, it stops far from the certainty or of the wrong one, of just of the unjust one, the error of the rightness, proper or the improper one, the useful one of the useless one.

The industry is worried in creating devices that vendam things, not that has a specific functionality? what it is a TV, a cellular one, a computer? they are devices of vender all luck of gadgets. Welcome the ideology of the consumerism, the wild capitalism. Where it only has a course to roll? of many for few. Of the blind people for ' ' espertos' '. If the politics to generate profits was really good, would not have lines in banks, as in the Bradesco, the Ita? we would have many employed people and giving excellent services. You well are taken care of in these lucrative houses? its son this in a good college? when it cost monthly? what you spend is compatible and proportional to the spent expenses. Its plan of health it of the o just attendance for what paid you? 6. It gives attention: today when to seat in the front of the TV, independently of the canal? it exempts or pay (that they had theoretically appeared not to depend on advertising, only theoretically), observes which is objective end: to amuse, to entertain, to scandalize, to desinformar, to transmit information useful, to the welfare general (as a service to the collective), or to vender things, to provoke people, creating controversies? playing ones against the others, spreading disagreements and feeding bad feelings, stimulating the desregrada sexuality and the libertinism.