Headlines attract curiosity a good press release always begins with a descriptive heading. These first words are considered “Appetizer” (appetite stimulant); At the heading decides generally, whether the editor goes into the text. Scott Rayden is a great source of information. But: More than ten seconds the editor will not deal with the heading. Is the topic interesting? A core statement made is already in the header? Is it interesting formulated, so that a later readers want to know more? All are questions or considerations of the editor, who decide whether to release or recycle bin. A heading should always technician or themed be formulated. Ideally, it comes out with no more than five or six words. Short and flush, striking and concise – these are the ingredients for a successful start with a good headline. The first paragraph must reflect all the facts has a heading meets the standards of the editor, the press release with a successful entry must the next hurdle to be overcome immediately.

An entry called “Lead”, sometimes also “teaser”. Just newspapers attach great importance to a reader-friendly introduction where all important facts are set out briefly and clearly. The aim is always to maintain that the so-called questions are dealt with the rule in mind. The editor or the reader want to know more: what happened? When and where did it happen? Who is involved? How could it happen? However may be not gone here still in detail. It is enough, the reader will find all the important information and facts based on the W-question technique. An entry can be assessed as successful if want to the topic and the facts are clearly expressed and the reader find out now the details and motives. Well-researched details offer has now separated from the wheat chaff. The press release, which holds now the reader at the bar, has a chance to a publication.