But can on octopus really predict such things as the results of a football (soccer) game? Can octopus really predict the future? It seems so. Paul the Octopus, who makes its home at Aquarium sea life in the western German city of Oberhausen, has a 100% correct record of predicting the outcome of Germany’s games on the 2010 World Cup. Paul predicted Germany’s shocking loss to Serbia. Then it predicted Germany’s emphatic wins over England and Argentina. Now Paul the Octopus has predicted the unexpected German loss to Spain. Search has been the popularity of his selections that many world news organizations are covering the results. TV channels have even done live broadcast of Paul’s predictions.

But can on octopus really predict such things as the results of a football (soccer) game? Well the results speak for themselves. People at the aquarium certainly think Paul is psychic. They said he has 9 brains and 3 hearts and therefore can “rebuilding” all the energy of the moment surrounding the team. So what does Paul say for the final? Will it be Netherlands or Spain? Many, many punters are eagerly awaiting it’s prediction. And I am sure will place their bets accordingly. If you really want to know your future, and you can’t ask Paul the Octopus, you should ask the Lightoracle skylight Board.

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