Save not only energy with the passive house set on a comparison to the consumption of heating energy between two types, it is noted with great surprise the passive house about 80% less heating energy claimed. This sensational low fuel consumption comes through the absolutely safe heat insulation and in the House. The thickness of the heat insulation boards on the House is minimum 25 cm and 40 cm maximum. This is according to region and climate. Also be installed Windows with triple glazing and insulated window frames, so keep the heat in the House.

A special ventilation system ensures constant fresh air working with heat recovery. This is useful especially for people with allergies, because this will bring no pollen into the House. Our Sun is used as the main source of energy. Because no heat can escape through the perfect insulation, serve even powered appliances and even the body heat of the occupants for additional energy sources. By the additional heating of fresh air by the Special You need no separate power source ventilation, even in winter when heavy frost. The always uniform ventilation and the always constant temperatures in the interior walls and floors, damp walls and thus mold of the past belong to. The architect for such a passive house calculate all components which adversely can affect the House prior to the construction. At least 70-75% of the heat of the exhaust air of fresh air be returned through a heat exchanger. This is done by the fresh and exhaust air in different pipes are travelling together. Since passive houses are very supported because their heating costs savings, also a normal earners can build such a House with easy credit. Dirk STAUDINGER