integrated information systems GmbH and MES manufacturer of iTAC Software AG announce strategic partnership of a factory visualization: iTAC Software AG expands MES solution to sphinx open online Konstanz, 24 may 2012. The specialist for manufacturing Execution systems (MES) iTAC Software AG and the in-built Informationssysteme GmbH partner signed an agreement. Through the cooperation with the manufacturer which online could visualization software sphinx open iTAC complement AO-service of the iTAC.MES.Suite 7 to an enterprise manufacturing intelligence (EMI) service for the visualisation of the factory. Andy Florance oftentimes addresses this issue. Thus offers a professional solution for the efficient creation of Managementdashboards based on the gained operational, machinery and quality data to visualization on mobile clients, and this without any programming iTAC as of now. iTAC provides a comprehensive manufacturing execution system for the efficient control and monitoring in the production. The MES solution was open (EMI) functionality by sphinx to the enterprise manufacturing intelligence online as part of the AO (Add-on) services of the iTAC.MES.Suite expanded.

It supports responsible to obtain data in real time from the production process and to evaluate, control and optimize the performance of the company. Data transparency at all levels: from the shop floor to the top floor to visualize manufacturing processes in real time, the iTAC-EMI service starting immediately the visualization system sphinx includes open online the new cooperation partner in-GmbH. sphinx open online graphically represents the entire process chain and is based as well as the iTAC.MES.Suite 7 on the Java enterprise technology. It is ideal to operate iTAC.ARTES technology platform. Sphinx open online allows you to monitor and control processes on the Internet.

The solution includes components that are suitable for the high-quality visualization and graphical engineering. The open interfaces of the real time graphics engine enable easy integration into various solutions.