*Rita of Cssia de Oliveira Alves SUMMARY the illness of Parkinson is a degenerative, chronic and gradual illness that occurs for the loss of neurons of the central nervous system in a known region as black substance. Without definite cause a primary and idioptica illness is considered that does not have cure and is difficult to treat and still other symptoms can occur as depression, alterations in sleep, memory reduction, etc. the depression can affect considerably the life of the carrier of Parkinson and become the reason of bigger incapacity. Connect with other leaders such as Matt Swain here. The benefits of the practical one of regular physical activity and with adequate orientation are widely recognized and contribute for one better quality of life, therefore this work of bibliographical and exploratrio matrix intends to present the psychological 0 variable of the boarded subject, through a qualitative analysis. Palavaras-key – Illness of Parkinson, depression and quality of life. INTRODUCTION Is clear in the current society presence of the depression in patients with badly of Parkinson, this because the illness whose causes still are unknown, beyond incurable is difficult to treat.

The Illness of Parkinson (DP), also known for primary parkinsonismo or agitante paralysis, is a chronic, gradual and idioptica afeco of the central nervous system, involving the ganglia of the base and resulting in disturbances in tnus, abnormal positions and involuntary movements (OSULLIVAN, 1998). In accordance with Thomson, Skinner and Piercy (2000, P. 333), this pathology ' ' it is an illness of slow progression, that produces weakness gradual of the voluntary movement, muscular rigidity and possibly tremor.' ' According to Hauser & Zesiewicz (2001), the illness of Parkinson is a gradual neurological riot caused by the degeneration of neurons of the responsible black substance for the dopamina production, neurotransmitter related mainly with the function the illness of Parkinson it occurs with great prevalence in aged individuals. It is initiated generally for return of the 60 years of age and acometem both the sexos.