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High Speed Downlink Packet Access

These are enough features to make this phone an excellent traveling companion whether for pleasure or business. Handling the Apple iPhone 3G is very easy with the help of a computer with Mac OS X v10.4.10. In addition, the presence of its elegant touch screen makes handling smooth and fast. The screen presents a particularly advanced style, and a resolution of 320 * 480 pixels and a capacity of 16M colors. The screen size is also notable, only 3.5 inches, and has the facility to the method Touch and an accelerometer that makes the pleasure of using this mobile device transport us to new dimensions of excellence. The iPhone 3G is a good phone for anyone due to the presence of 2G and 3G networks. The phone comes with GSM 850 frequency, 900, 1800 and 1900, and HSDPA (High Speed Downlink Packet Access) of the frequencies 850, 1900 and 2100. The combination of the functions of both systems make this cell phone that can work anywhere in the world and easy access to roaming the world.

There are many things that the user can do with this mobile device and one of them is the ability to share data quickly and efficiently with friends and relatives. This is possible due to the presence of USB technology in the form of USB v2.0. Therefore, the person using this phone can exchange data with other mobile also supported by technology that Universal Serial Bus (USB). The speed and performance of data transfer, also increases as a result of technology GPRS and EDGE. The performance reaches a new dimension with the presence of Bluetooth technology v2.0. The user can have good access to the Internet with the help of the Safari browser which is based on HTML and this access is enhanced with Wi-Fi 802.11 b / g, a function of this phone as well. David Herrmann is originally from Germany and works in online marketing. One of his main interests to be aware of the latest trends in mobile technology.

If we began to count the number of people have mobile phones would never end, it is estimated that about 3,800 million people worldwide have mobile phones which 3,400 million of them have computers with GSM (Global System for Mobile communications), which indicating that mobile technology is used. In our country the situation is different in that the CDMA network is still the highest penetration, while the GSM has only 41%. In countries such as Argentina, Colombia, Mexico and Peru networks account for more than 70% of the market. In Venezuela, GSM technology was recently beginning with the arrival of DIGITEL, whose user base is 100% GSM, it should be noted that only last year, Movistar began to migrate to this network, but it is still more CDMA. The same is happening with MOVILNET, who is also implemented this technology into their equipment.

It is important to stress that we as consumers are the ones who choose the technology, operators are those who do. Equipment suppliers manufacture the technology, then push them and promote them, and those who end up buying the computers are the consumers. A consumer often does not care network in which your computer operates as the practicality goes, cell model, costs, etc. In Latin America there must be according to figures from the firm 3G Americas, two million users of GSM technology. This technology surpasses the others for several reasons, namely, one of the most important is that they are cheaper to install networks, and also offer Internet connection speeds much faster. For example with the iPhone or Blackberry devices, you can surf at speeds of over 1MB per second, ie no longer need a laptop for viewing information or to answer emails.

For the time in our country there is no 3G network, ie they are third-generation networks that allow many advantages, such as uploading photos, downloading music and online sharing high speed without having to be tethered to a PC. The incorporation of this technology in our country has been a bit hampered by the high costs of telephone equipment using 3G, but it is believed that only a matter of time, and that as people consume more will lower costs, and that for these networks come into a more massive use cheaper terminals are needed, and surely is what lies ahead.

Free SMS Sending?

Free SMS provider for some time to dive again, a penny, but free does not equal free. First, a word about a number of dubious offers that attempt to exploit the carelessness of the customer, they offer paid subscriptions to enormous prices they masquerade as “free” or “lottery”. So be in the publication of his data and the blind acceptance of swollen Service warned that it is not itself a victim of these cheaters. Better, but not really great, these providers offer free SMS are indeed truly free, in which the user must take care, however, almost in front of the “advertising floods. For what good is it to save a text message and is a two minutes watching any annoying ads or what good is an an SMS with 120 characters? Providers are only shipping to Germany or not allow the foreign help, precious little when sending an SMS to pay his foreign friends, since it is in text messages to foreign countries to the free send earnest. Another important aspect is to ensure the delivery of the SMS should immediately and without restrictions to be available, ie, the notification should not be required. Then one is also sure that the offer is really free, because you have nowhere to his data. is one of the last vendor that will fulfill all these criteria fairly. The rapid transit without registration with full 160 characters per message speaks for itself. But that is not enough, of course, the Free SMS will be sent worldwide and are available without registration.

Phone Without Credit

Customers who wish to enter a mobile phone contract will be reviewed by the company on its credit rating. The protective association for general credit, is a company that data from banks and mobile phone company collects. Here, for example, a loan is reported, but the delay in payment or non-paid mobile phone account will be saved. Such a negative entry is usually the reason why these customers are awarded to no more credits, including the completion of cell phone contracts are denied in the rule. Only T-Mobile completes even with negative credit mobile phone contracts. This is not guaranteed and will be decided in individual cases.

However, there are also offers alternatives without query. For example, some companies calculate the beginning of the contract, a deposit, which is between 50 EUR and 200 EUR, depending on your rate. Were the bills paid on time then for a certain period, this deposit will be charged with the talks. Even with Prepaid plans is not queried the of customers, as no calculations are made. When calling the customer wants, he has previously charged to the credit card. This is by either by buying a credit card or bank transfer account possible. In any case, you can only call within the existing credit. If this is used up, no phone calls can be made.

are prepaid plans in every supermarket today. They are relatively cheap, even if there is no free minutes or free text messages are offered. A disadvantage of prepaid is that here, as in the conclusion of mobile phone contracts, a subsidized phone is offered without credit. These customers can only purchase the regular price. An alternative is, however, the private purchase. In general, mobile phones after 24 months, SIM-lock free, then usable with any SIM card. Then they can also be purchased at auctions. Conclusion: There are several ways to get cell phones without credit, but they are, depending on the calling habits, in the Usually more expensive than the conclusion of a contract.

Mobile Discounter

The online shop is a mobile project with Better Discount guarantee. The slogan “Find Out What’s Next” we guarantee you for this store that you purchase your new mobile phone package to for better conditions. No ifs or buts: If you find one in our acquired mobile package from a different supplier at more favorable terms, we will refund the difference directly to your account! The Better-warranty work in which we limit the range of handset models on the most popular and best models, in order to move the device types in appropriate discount offered classes. The same applies to the collective choice – we choose here for a selection of the cheapest deals currently on the market and sell these “mass” – that allows appropriate pricing and special negotiations with providers and network operators. There is also a highly efficient, streamlined and centralized shipping logistics, of course, without compromising the service to our customers. The Better conditions for our warranty: it must be either the same offer, that is the same phone model, same price and same delivery and service conditions, such as free-to-door delivery. The offer of more favorable supplier at least for 1 week and may not be valid under the proviso “as long as supplies last” position. The Better warranty does not apply to clearance sales due to store closure, errors, etc.

in offers, unique pieces. The Better warranty is two weeks from your order, but no more until the end of each calendar month. Fake offers are excluded. The Better warranty includes red minus prices = money out for you. All red minus mean prices in the shop: the case of mobile packages with a negative price you get – instead of paying something – paid the stated amount! In full in one lump sum directly to your account.

Free Mobile Phone Tracking

Anyone whose lost theircell phone, or even if it was stolen – pay attention! There has been for some time a technology that allows free cell phone tracking – through the simple registration to a mobile phone tracking website one can locate the lost mobile phone. The location gives him the opportunity, the location of the thief or finder of mobile phones to identify themselves and then pass on the determined location on the location information to the police – he has a chance that he can reclaim the phone. Such a free mobile phone tracking offers example. The mobile positioning itself is free for every registered user. A so-called “activation SMS” is necessary to locate the cell phone for the first time a trial basis, and thus further facilitate positioning. For the activation SMS has a “normal” SMS messages are sent, this costs the same amount as a normal SMS with the respective provider, ie 0.06 to 0.19.

It is important that the activation SMS BEFORE the loss of the mobile phone is sent, a subsequent activation is not possible. The user has when he has assured himself that his phone is no longer in his possession online the choice between two options: 1 The cell phone to reported as lost, 2 the cell phone to report as stolen. The difference between these two possibilities is that the hereafter sent flash-sms that is sent to the mobile phone in the message which, to the specified by the user upon registration or even written on demand. The thief or the “dishonest Finder” is now notified thereof, that the phone was located.

Mobile Internet is Not a Stepchild Anymore

With a multimillion dollar communications campaign, the Bonn mobile operator to position its products for UMTS better Web’n’Walk. T-Mobile is confident that the Mobile Internet to the mass market is ready and the UMTS products can be brought closer by corresponding measures a broad audience. Currently, the mobile surfing is on average compared with one in three still skeptical. This state wants to change T-Mobile by a model initiative in the UMTS hardware – for this summer have been announced three new Web’n’Walk boxes. These activities are accompanied by an announced price offensive, in which the tariff structure of many Web’n’Walk products to be adjusted downwards to become even more competitive. The T-Mobile tariff options have been designed not only attractively priced, but also more transparent and easier. They take into account now so that the main criticisms of the previous skeptics.

To the new advantages of Web’n’Walk also was befitting to communicate with Saatchi & Saatchi one of the most prestigious agencies charged with making a decent appearance in Frankfurt for T-Mobile. Stefan Homeister, President of Marketing at T-Mobile, said: “The campaign will help us to do with Web’n’Walk the breakthrough in the mass market.” Web’n’Walk was introduced in 2005 and has since been able to collect about one million customers. For this and subsequent years is the growth rate of around 50 percent (!) Are again significantly exceeded. In any case, the exposure of the Bonn Telekom subsidiary will result in that competition in a market that is on a rapid growth rate continues to grow. Main competitor Vodafone D2 has been established for some time as a market leader in mobile Internet services. Also on the reaction of the smaller operators and suppliers it will be interesting from a user perspective, for, great competition means’ a rule, small prices. “

Network Of The Future With VDSL ?

The abbreviation VDSL stands for very high speed digital subscriber line and in fact is what the rapid development of networks is mainly speed. Data rates of 25 Mbit / s, and later even 50 Mbit / s, are announced for VDSL. In practice this reduces the German Telekom, the length of copper wire to the end customer, as physically simple rule: the longer the copper cable, the lower the amount of data that can be transported. This occurs mainly by the distance from the central distribution station to the local distribution (the ugly gray boxes on the roadside) is now bridged by new fiber optic cable and the signal transducer (so-called DSLAMs), which interpret between copper wire and fiber optic cable, now from the central distribution station in The local distribution wander. If the distance from the local distribution to the consumer not the 300m mark to the announced speeds are respected. So far so good. Despite the tremendous effort, and the no less impressive investment more than three billion euros will not silence the crowd of doubters on VDSL project simple. Why? VDSL is a hybrid technology that combines fiber optic and copper with great effort.

The disadvantages of the copper cable, such as crosstalk, influence them in the parallel data streams of several participants are negative, still remain. The amounts are capped at the top and it can still not all the participants (only about 40-60% are connected). There is also a technique (DSM-dynamic spectrum management), improved by the modulation method and a different encoding up to 100Mbit / s could be realized without new cable infrastructure. Only a rogue would get there no doubt. In addition, say experts estimate that the complete development of a pure fiber network is not up to the end customers would be more expensive than the current plans.

This pure fiber-optic network that would be the future, thanks to the potential for short passive optical fiber technology (GPON gigabit-passive optical network) active even without the previously required amplifier and therefore could do to maintain all the alternatives proposed. VDSL is not only technically interesting but also economically. The German Telekom plans to use its new fast network like on their own and competitors locked out. What a blessing functioning market structures and sufficient competition for us to have customers demonstrates the unique price after the market liberalization, the end of the nineties. All the more incomprehensible is the buckling of the Federal Government of Deutsche Telekom, the monopoly in the future VDSL network. The amendment to the Telecommunications Act by a vote of the grand coalition, known as “lex Telekom”, which is preventing access of competitors for years, will come at us so dear.

Apple IPhone – Smartphone

On January 9th 2007, the CEO of Apple, Steve Jobs introduced at Macworld Conference & Expo in San Francisco for the first time the new iPhone to the public. If the iPhone is a smartphone developed by Apple that will combine the properties of a cell phone, an iPod and a digital camera. For this was the iPhone of Apple with a new unique service that have a touch screen and a stripped down version of Mac OS X features that will be located on a 500 megabyte flash memory. Overall, the phone will have a capacity of 4 gigabytes, more precise details about the processor are not yet known. A radio link makes the iPhone via GSM or WLAN, the new mobile standard UMTS, the phone is not supported, however. Even now some people got the idea to found an iPhone forum, since one expects that the iPhone the new phone in the retail area will be.

As part of larger communities have already formed, you can write an iPhone Forum also always get the latest news on the iPhone. As one learns here, for example, that it is expected that Vodafone will be the official distribution partner for Apple in Germany for the iPhone. The price for the 4 GB version should be at $ 499. The price for the 8 GB version is $ 599. Despite the high price of Apple recognized, there are loud iPhone partner in America, AT&T, already has about 1 million registered buyers. In Germany, the launch began in the 3rd Quarter..

Free SMS via the Internet

SMS is the abbreviation for “Short Message Service”. But getting and sending SMS’s has become a popular sport. The “ledges” goes not only from one phone to another phone, it goes from the PC to the Internet via mobile phone! Just something in between surfing send a few SMS and pay for them without having to, that’s a good thing! For many Internet providers advertise “Free SMS”! These services are offered free of charge as a “free SMS” or “SMS”. Names are so sound and smoke, it is important that this phone costs could be saved. Whoever makes it, the “Free SMS Search” on the Internet, will find out first that there are services and services without registration. Quickly send a “free SMS without plan” sounds very appealing. The search for such services, but calls for a lot of time and also a large dose of perseverance.

For today, no one gives away something so much, so completely without compensation. Thus, a providers of ‘free SMS’ to users happy with a flood of advertising and SMS advertising mails. The so-sent SMS also often see something unusual, the actual text is generously extended “, complete with advertising for the provider, before or after the entered text. The application services with the additional time cost for the application, which looks like the typical applications in the Internet: fill in a form with personal data, send, receive an e-mail, answer them in order to unlock and the way to the free SMS is free! The real free SMS services without registration, although rare, but after arduous search to find it, too.