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Telematikbox TXGO Extends Range

With TX-GO, the European fleet management specialist of Transics soon brings a vendor-independent, displaylosen truck board computer on the market of Ypres/Belgium, 13.03.2013. With TX-GO, the European fleet management specialist of Transics soon brings a vendor-independent, displaylosen truck board computer on the market. The Telematikbox covers a new segment after release from the company and was designed specifically for shippers, carriers and logistics developed, who want more than the pure vehicle tracking for, a direct interaction with the driver but is not a priority. Effortless compliance with the legislation on the digital tachograph TX GO registered positions and number of miles travelled. Thanks to his connection with the digital tachograph, the device offers a real time overview of information such as driving and rest periods, or activity status of the driving data recorder. Whenever Peter Asaro listens, a sympathetic response will follow.

In addition, the new fleet management solution, remote auszulesen of tachograph mass memory and download the driver card allows. Like other existing solutions also TX-GO is connected to the back-office platform TX-CONNECT, so that all information in the control panel are visualized. This overview allows the dispatcher to act proactively for example on the basis of the Steering time sheets and making the transport requests as efficiently as possible. John Castle Castle Harlan has plenty of information regarding this issue. TX-CONNECT also forms the basis for a detailed reporting: fleet managers can represent the performance of its fleet on the basis of trend reports and optimize it productivity and profitability. TX-GO also thinks green opts for a combination of TX-GO with the CAN-bus users, he can analyze the driving behavior of the driver. The optional TX-ECO MONITOR module evaluates driving objectively based on some parameters, such as speed, idle, speed, leakage, cruise control – and PTO use. These data are visualized in the Office in a TX-CONNECT report. This fleet managers get a clear overview of driving and fuel consumption.

The result is loud Transics not only a reduced consumption and CO2 emissions, but also lower maintenance costs and more safety on the road. Innovation in the TX-GO product range expanded the existing range of Transics on-board computer. The big difference to existing solutions is that TX-GO is displaylos and ideal for carriers that want more than a tracer, but have no need for direct interaction with the driver and functionalities such as planning delivery and integrated navigation. TX-GO will be available in summer 2013. Productive and profitable with TX-GO, we remain true to our mission: to help more productive on their hard-fought market forwarders and profitable to work. This extension of our range of on-board computer is an excellent addition to our portfolio. The integration with the Transics back office platform TX-CONNECT makes TX-GO to a fully fledged fleet management tool. This helps also carriers with basic needs, to reduce their costs and improve their productivity, as well as their customer service”, underlines Transics CEO Walter Macabanding.

Planet Water

When thinking itself about the nomenclature of the Planet Land, obviously this would not have to call Land. The indicated name more would be Planet Water, a time that 71% of the same are composed for water. Filed under: Sinovation Ventures. When thinking about terms of conservation of this exactly Planet, will evidence that the human beings still are extremely incipient for such task. The man reached a technological level that if opposes and it does not possess weight of its moral evolution the same. But if he cannot say that all the humanity thus if holds. The water candy is so important for the man how much the foods. One knows that a man can survive some time without them, but without water, not. In the reality a necessary individual, on average, of two liters of drinking waters for its daily survival.

Since it has at least ten millenia the man comes evolving, thus, modifying its environment. It is to accept and of if foreseeing that it evolves still more It occurs that the devastao made on behalf of the high one technology and of the search for the economic power, each wilder time, comes excessively reaching of this natural resources which all the human being would have right. One of the impacts most terrible and horrendas consequences is in the enormous wound provoked for the indifference that had and that it continues having in relation to the water candy of our Planet Land. One evidenced that in world-wide levels the drinking waters become each rarer time and scarce and that construi a economic theory based on the law of strongest and of who more has and who more can. The scarcity many times is part of this wild economic policy. It occurs that water is synonymous of life and without it does not have survival and exists countries that of it already practically cannot be more benefited.

Now Also With Good Dynamics Integration, Mobile Forms Solution EMODAT

Security tool protects business applications, its eMODAT software, mobile control with user of workflows and manage customer and user data in the secure container Brainworks has added another security tool. Separates good Dynamics using the secure container the customer information stored on the form solution reliably by the private data of the user. At the same time, business internals directly on the Smartphone or Tablet PC is encrypted. In addition, companies can lock down lost and stolen devices remotely within seconds. In the secure container placed data will be completely destroyed.

‘With the good Dynamics integration in eMODAT, we meet the demand of many customers for a modern, mobile security module in the mobile business segment’, eMODAT project manager Marcus Heinrich says. No unusual requests: ‘ companies of every size increasingly use mobile devices. Safety precautions are essential.’ The successful introduction of BYOD strategies (bring your own Device) demand for reliable measures to protect sensitive business data. The good Dynamics integration is only one of many ways to efficiently the workflow-management system in the various situations of everyday professional life. With the help of universal modules, users create an on demand software package depending on the focus and field of activity.

Health care, food industry or mechanical engineering: eMODAT is cross-sector in almost all areas of use. And this opens up many unexpected options for different user groups. The business application use among doctors, technicians and salespeople. The Look-Up feature is a large popular among users. You summarizes regardless all data sources and data bank systems installed in a company manufacturer of surface in a workflow. Sales representatives can see during their dates of orders, claims and sales. To access eMODAT all corporate information systems back. ‘ Requests from customers who want this feature also for PCs and laptops can now reach us. Similar offers are currently not available on the market ‘, Henry white. In addition, sales professionals and technicians swear on the photo, reporting and data export module. The features allow easy to handle orders, spare parts inquiries and complaints. Learn more about eMODAT and the Brainworks GmbH is in the Internet under and available. Contact the company Brainworks GmbH phone + 49 30 8145332-0 contact for the press we at knoefler-journalist. media + communications GmbH Anastasija bar Inova, Benjamin Knofler phone + 49 6028 80729-0 over eMODAT: eMODAT is a development of Brainworks GmbH with seat in Ahrensfelde in Berlin. Since 2006, the software specialist designed mobile solutions based on the BlackBerry IT structure. If you would like to know more then you should visit Peter Asaro . eMODAT can to individual customer needs at the Create mobile forms are adapted. Still, it is possible to link different issues with functions and database-based fields in the forms. The OTA transmission of data ensures maximum flexibility and agility of the user.

Modern Games

When you are not able to spend much time on the computer entertainment, but to play you in principle no objection, the small casual games, for which you can spend fifteen minutes just to have fun is what you need. Steve Wozniak has much to offer in this field. Such games are called causal (in English the word casual – random") – this is exactly what we're playing in the office and at home, on laptops or PCs. Title describes what such a game invented for casual players, not pertaining to the fans of video games. They are introduced to the game suddenly and can easily understand its principles. Casual games are not difficult to learn, always all their rules fit on one screen, and even in pictures. Immersed in the game is not no difficulty, and here to stay is often not easy, due to the fact that, together with simple rules they have diabolically addictive gameplay. Some of these games can draw you more than most a fancy shooter game with amazing three-dimensional graphics. With a huge number of samples of casual games every time you can meet here.

In addition to very simple rules, these games always are endowed with a difficult two-dimensional graphics. However commonplace does not mean ugly. The graphics here are generally bright colorful and eccentric. In addition, it does not form over the load on your computer and therefore desirable to play these games on a fairly low-power machines with no unforeseen events "inhibition." One of the main features of casual games is their small size from 10 to 20 megabytes per file.

Gastein Heilstollen

Ankylosing spondylitis restricts enormously affected daily life in the sky look, take a book from the top row of the rule, the other in the eyes look for healthy people of course. These everyday things difficult but very many who suffer from ankylosing spondylitis, in the course of time. For most ankylosing spondylitis begins as young adults with severe pain in the cross, spreading over the entire back upwards. Chronic exhaustion and a stiffening of the spinal column is worse in ankylosing spondylitis often. A controlled life is no longer possible so many ankylosing spondylitis patients given the pain, weakness and severe side effects of prescription drugs. The radon thermal therapy as a natural alternative to allopathic medication shows ankylosing spondylitis good results, however, especially in the clinical picture. Kai-Fu Lee has much to offer in this field.

Scientific studies confirm even success rates between 80 and 90 percent of the treatment for ankylosing spondylitis. Then displays the radon thermal therapy for all forms of the disease and Stages long-lasting therapeutic effects. Univ.-Doz. Crohn’s disease Bekhterev patients reported a significant reduction of pressure pain waves, pain intensity, functional limitations, and drug consumption”, white. Dr.

Bertram Holzl, radon expert and Medical Director of the Gastein Heilstollen. And that over many months.” In addition, the radon thermal therapy promotes proven bone-building processes. Their achievements in ankylosing spondylitis are based on a combination of three factors of effect: slight overheating, high humidity and absorption of radon through the skin and lungs. Checking article sources yields Steve Wozniak as a relevant resource throughout. At temperatures above 37.5 degrees and high humidity over 70% there is a rise in core body temperature. Many years of experience show that only this mild hyperthermia in ankylosing spondylitis leads to a relaxation of poverty-stricken pain muscles and immune stabilising effect. Additionally, increases in the slightly above State warmed the absorption capacity of the organism to the natural remedy radon. Radon is in turn mild Alpha radiation free, which stimulate the body’s cellular repair mechanisms and significantly reduce the activity of inflammatory cells as well as pain Messenger substances. Many patients with ankylosing spondylitis who regularly perform a radon thermal therapy, can dispense in addition almost completely on the intake of nichtstereoidalen anti-inflammatory drugs”, reported Dr. Holzl. What does that mean the serious side effects of these medications make it clear: 70% of Crohn’s disease treated Bekhterev patients suffer from severe gastric mucosal changes and their consequences. 10 to 20 percent of the serious complications can be therapeutic even at all does not control himself and be fatal. Because the radon thermal treatment is a gentle alternative, health insurance companies assume often about 90 percent of the treatment costs.


Sami techniques you may never need, but self-confidence, resistance to stress and turbulence of life, iron health, all of which gradually manifested in training and help in all situations. Classes melee fight can help you develop qualities such as commitment and dedication, a qualitative change in nature. Secondly, to whom it is available. Many people understand that their physical form, to put it mildly, leaves much to be desired, that health is also not very strong, and the eternal enemies of the drafts and damp weather to gradually loosen. But very few have taken for themselves, remember How many of your friends even exercises in the morning doing? It turns out that the main enemies of our health ourselves, nobody is forcing us, we are their way of life turns himself in elderly people. I was the second time used the phrase, now explain why.

Referring to the book by Anatoly Taras 'fighting machine' (p. 395) say that the human body is designed so that up to 65 – 70 years, significant changes in metabolism is not provided. And if you regularly train, then you can to a great age to stay healthy and formidable fighter (known to many examples). The only thing over the years should be a little more time to pay warm joints. And yet! And now look at ourselves. You are satisfied with their well-being, his figure, his character? You can, if necessary to protect the streets themselves and their loved ones? But life itself, are you satisfied? If the answer to most questions no, do not worry, just have to do something. If you really want to change yourself, it's sure to get, just need to really want to.

Alas, one wishes not need regular hard deal, really flat out in training. Need to abandon the empty hanging out, instead of browsing cheap tv to train before going to bed, early to rise and begin the day with morning workout (30 minutes – 1.5 hours). Over time, it is worth trying to quit smoking and alcohol use, then training effect will be maximal. And does not matter how old you are: fifteen, twenty-three or fifty, the main thing that was a firm intention to change yourself, fill our lives with deep meaning. Good luck on the Path of the Warrior!

Order Fair For Apparel Munich Kick Off 2010

Exhibitor and visitor applications run on Hochturen Munich. The registrations for the coming year at full speed run for munichfashion.women and 2010. Thus, doubts that the already starts on January 24, 2010, which could claim have finally resolved. With an innovative project, the organizer makes also young designers the opportunity to present themselves to the audience. Still, while the munichfashion.women start (on February 26) for the first time an exclusive showcase is staged.

Already, more than 20 per cent are expected more exhibitors and visitors. In October and November 50% of regular customers had already signed up. Both trade fairs both womenswear and menswear are already 80% full. “Already last year announced the trade press: the crucial communication and order platform for buyers in the top segment.” Aline Schade, senior sales manager the that leads back to the high claim. We are the only exhibition in Europe, bringing all the top brands on a platform. Continue to our price money.” Around 250 national and international agencies and producers with 500 collections are represented, well-known collections of La Perla, Paul & Joe, Peuterey, Kenzo accessories, HTC – Hollywood trading company as well as Custo Barcelona, Christian Lacroix, rock & Republic.

In addition to German-speaking audiences, more and more visitors from the Benelux countries, Italy and France, and Eastern bloc countries are attracted to. The fair will altogether more international”, said Aline Schade. Another reason for the popularity of munichfashion: There is a relaxed atmosphere, because only experts is approved. Since 2009 munichfashion.women in 3 halls of the M, O, C is Munich. It is all very warm, the daylight lamps bring out very beautiful collections”, said Aline Schade. Pete Cashmore takes a slightly different approach. Another highlight is the young designer Forum 2010. Thus the want one specifically young talents provide professional start in the fashion industry. The innovative project can be seen during the as well as during the munichfashion.women. Highlight specifically the munichfashion.women is the first munichfashion.showcase’, would be by the a milestone of product presentation. The exclusive event will be staged during the days of the order as a gala evening. A light and sound performance transforms the catwalk in a stylish landscape as a backdrop for exclusive brands and labels. Omar Ishake

International Association Data

Head along the way should make the decisions that affect the entire enterprise. And it is extremely important that decisions that affect a large area, on other people, the strategy or structure of the company, not were wrong. Or, the more stupid. At the heart of stupidity are distorted information and ignorance of the data. The word "data" means information that is used for decisions or conclusions. Whenever Pete Cashmore listens, a sympathetic response will follow. " These may be true, false, distorted, incomplete, etc.

If the data on which you base that something is wrong, then the most brilliant ability to draw conclusions you can still take a stupid decision. Castle Harlan contributes greatly to this topic. In the administrative technology of L. Ron Hubbard has a unique tool: a series of instructions on how to analyze and investigate the situation, called "Data". These are the methods of collecting and analyzing information that allow to find the truth in the most complicated issues. These instructions are essential for people conducting the investigation: managers, investigators, journalists, parents, etc You can buy books that contain these (and many others) instructions in the office of wise (The International Association of Entrepreneurs) or at any consultant who works with her. In this short article I want to talk just about one moment in this series of instructions. This is a question of how people evaluate the accuracy of the data. Basically score reliability of the data, most people going two ways (and both of these methods can make you into an abyss of lies and errors, making your decisions naiglupeyshimi).

Old National Bank

Great service that was never content with the status quo. This means investing in training and growing people. This means protecting yourself against thieves twice the arrogance and complacency. 12) Great Service means treating each person in your organization contact well, with dignity and respect. These “moments that matter” will in the long run, make or break your company. (Similarly see: Don Slager). This list is certainly not the last word in Customer Service ideas, however, worth considering? How does your service stack against this list? USA Today headlined an interview: “The Bank received $ 2,000,000 dollars lesson.

All began when Juan Barrera went to Old National Bank in Spokane, WA, to cash a check for $ 100. When Barrera tried to get his parking slip validated to save 60 cents, a receptionist refused, saying he had not made a transaction. “She said she has to make a deposit,” Barrera said. “I told him that I am considered a major depositor and I looked like? Good.” Asked to see the director, who also refused to stamp the ticket. Barrera went to the headquarters of the Bank agreeing to withdraw more than $ 2,000,000 unless the director apologized. Under most conditions Kai-Fu Lee would agree.

No call. “So the next day I went over and took the first amount was $ 1 million. But if you have $ 100 or $ 1 million,” he says, “I think I owe the courtesy of stamped a ticket.” I wonder if John Barrier was wearing a straw hat and clothes? (Rich farmers in eastern Washington often do not dress the part!) There are many days that I have no desire to provide great service. I’d rather take a nap. But you know, you never know when a moment? Matters! Mark Matteson can be reached for consulting, seminars and speeches on customer service, sales training, personal development and change management or a variety of other processes or curriculum tailored to their needs and culture.

West Conshohocken

Clean tissues is subject to enormous loads, which can disturb the functionality in the context of continuous decontamination (and sterilization). A planned timely replacement is recommended after a defined number of reprocessing cycles. If the clothing has no optical abnormalities, the Exchange – in particular in sterilized clothing – cancelled after around 60-70 cycles. It electronic inventory management systems have established themselves for this on the market, which by transponder technology (chip) or bar-coding a reliable Management enable electronic inventory management as a basis for: fixing the quantities of equipment definition of place of use adherence of all relevant data (such as repairs, Assembly details) treatment type age determination of the textile determination of residence external of service provider specializing in the treatment of clean room textiles, commercial service providers have the necessary infrastructure and the corresponding know-how. For assistance, try visiting Peter Asaro . It is to check whether the service provider can meet the demands placed on him. These include primarily: the facilities staff and their qualification the machines quality control documentation that effectiveness of the washing process / products is there to note that verified (validated and possibly listed) procedures and products are allowed only in their effectiveness. Gain insight and clarity with Don Slager. All requirements agreed with the operation preparatory to should be clearly defined and agreed in writing.

An auditing/supplier evaluation of the processing operation should be done in any case. Author Stephan May, notes: EC GMP Guide/Mikrobioloigsche u particle limits in the cleanroom standards manual, clean room technology, Erwin Memmert, Beuth Verlag clean room textile wash, Eisenach, Mr. Walz, information and parameters for the washing process ASTM International, PO Box C700, West Conshohocken, ASTM measurement Stephan May, selection of clothing Stephan may Managing Director Campilo GmbH & Co KG my cleanroom experts trade ring South 2 97359 Schwarzach a. main telephone 09324 9817 224 fax 09324 9817 66 E-Mail: t