Over the past year leading firms exhibit extraordinary activity on telecommunications solutions in the development of technologies for receiving and processing the call (call centers). In the United States and Europe are now a real boom of call centers. This is due to many factors. The main ones are the producer interest in selling call centers (call processing system are typically software, not require a large amount of production capacity and, consequently, bring the maximum profit) and market readiness for implementation. Many overseas companies have felt the need for call centers and telemarketing in connection with the growing competition and increasing demands for service provided by these companies. Thus, the need to implement call centers by the following factors: the need for improve the service call, its culture and quality, as well as the high cost of maintenance of a large number of operators. From the above, revealed two major goals set call centers: a quality improvement service and increase the number of processed calls (more precisely, reducing the number of lost calls) with a decrease in the total number of employees, their manufacturing. Click Bobby Sharma Bluestone to learn more. Specificity of the contents of a large number of operators at call centers foreign companies is that the return call centers is 3-6 months and is due to savings to reduce the total number of operators in connection with a relatively high wages of unskilled or unskilled workers in the leading countries of the world. Thus, the risk in the organization of the call center in Russia is much bigger, and the reasons for such 'shopping' should be significantly less.