Many mobile phone shops on the Internet now offer so-called “bundles”. This is a contract deal, the next a new phone is still an attractive premium added. The premiums can be as a navigation device for the car or a laptop. Of course, these packages also are linked to higher fixed costs in the contract, for these gifts have their price. I’d like to investigate whether a cell phone is bundled for the customer at all lucrative. A large shop currently has a Sony Ericsson W810i mobile phone, combined with the new Nintendo Wii game console, in the offer. The cheapest calling plan that forms over a period of two years, the Direct Easy network operator T-Mobile. In conclusion eliminates the initial connection, but it will be a one-off package price of 209.77 and monthly fixed costs in the form of a minimum sales amount of 9.95 .

For simplicity, the calculation of the phone costs only the price per minute is used to landlines over 0.49 for prime time. This weekend 0.07 for one phone, which makes an average price per minute of 0.37 from (* 5 days + 2 days 0.49 0.07 *) / 7 days. If the mobile phone and game console purchased separately, will cost Sony Ericsson W810i 220 and the Nintendo Wii about 240 (ebay prices). Total of 460 must be paid. Taking the contract costs over two years, so the fee is 450 (package price 209.77 + 9.95 * 24 months). Now to the current pre-paid calling plan of network operators: If the selected prepaid card with the best deal, the minute in all German networks cost 14 cents. For the minimum turnover of 9.95 in the contract can be phoned with an average price per minute of 0.37 just under 27 minutes per month (9.95 / 0,37 = 27).

27 minutes of calls in the most favorable prepaid tariff would cost 3.78, extrapolated to 24 months results in the 90.72. I draw this amount from the total cost of the contract down, thus making 450 – 90.72 = 359.28. Thus effectively paid for the phone and the addition of just under 360. The customer would have saved compared to single is 100 (460 – 359.28) if it meets the minimum monthly sales. For infrequent users, the monthly no more than 27 minutes, the phone at the ear is thus at least have this phone bundle certainly interesting.