Made in recent years, a complex of works on improvement of welding processes has shown that further improvement of the orbital welding process will develop as the technological methods and hardware means. In this technological methods will be based on effective regulation of heat input into the molten pool by reducing the amount of deposited metal for welding in narrow-Cutting, opportunities implementation process at the lowest possible heat input and the development of new welding materials. Work in this regard are underway. Needles seams appropriate to use when welding in narrow cuts. However, the introduction narrow-razdelok require additional arrangements to ensure the fulfillment of such razdelok at pipe bases or receiving pipe cutting directly from suppliers.

Promising application of self-protecting cored wires with surface-active agents for mechanized and automatic orbital welding of root segments of pipelines, as it will allow completely eliminate the supply of C02 gas mixtures or to objects. Along with technology improvements will orbital welding work on a complete exclusion of the subjective impact of the welder-operator on process of orbital welding hardware that will undoubtedly affect the stability of the reproducibility of the quality of welds. At present, begins commercial operation of equipment for welding mag, established in spe technotronic, when performing repair and maintenance work on oao Gazprom, and in subdivisions Stroytransgaz, but its implementation in other potentially hazardous industries should be established in order to complete the performance appraisal of the proposed method of welding of pipelines. The main problems that prevented earlier introduction automatic orbital welding consumable electrode, after the development of high-speed sources and control equipment with microprocessor technology virtually resolved, allowing in practice implement a managed kapleperenos electrode metal.