The creation of multimedia programs such as Lexilogos Wordreference and has been shown to translators as one of the best ways to eliminate and solve problems of translation, although since these are not professional translators placed at your fingertips endless assessments and linguistic nature councils that not only allow the translator to do a good job, but in turn contributes to instruct the same. But when it comes to programs it is shown to highlight some others like Termiun, HyCu software, Ziki and Babilon-pro are just some of the most prominent translator assistants for today.

It is worth noting that thanks to the creation of interactive sites like forums and blogs on the Internet, the practice and development of the translator’s work has not only improved but has expanded on these sites for language corrections are quite effective and by the work in these places there are several people interested in such services. Included a special site developed from the evolution of computers, which in their most outstanding services to the translators is shown anywhere in the world as a great way to get online working, in any language and intended to any type of translation activity.

On the other hand, information as is known by all allowed within its attractive features, bridging the gap, which is no stranger to the development of translator’s work, since the creation of audiovisual communication programs has helped to make direct translations not only oral but also written at any time and anywhere in the world. It is proper to highlight a very good example of the application of information technology in the work of translators, this example is the translation distance made that practice in meetings of organizations like the UN or NATO because of the presence of guests and characters requires several foreign translations, which are carried in most cases as the receivers and translators through screen or monitor technology and sometimes through good headphones.

In conclusion, the computer allowed the office to translate not only raise their levels of efficiency, but also facilitate and improve implementation in turn the development of translation in various areas, not to mention also that, in turn, contributed directly to computer increase the translation applicative guidance in developing programs and online sites previously mentioned in this article.