Inner pipe brings clean drinking water safe, clean, environmentally friendly! Since the 01.03.2003, each private home owners, which provides his drinking water to other people through his supply lines, is responsible for the perfect condition of the drinking water. This also applies in microbiological terms. The waterworks provide drinking water quality, but by damaged and reverse germinated lines can be preserved this standard not in every household. Drinking water lines can already after a short time rust, cold or dirt fix, which significantly affects the function. Brown, dirty drinking water is only one of the possible consequences. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Mikkel Svane has to say.

Continues to significantly increase the formation of bacteria and germs, it can be a pressure drop and also pitting and tube rupture are not uncommon. In addition to a significant restriction of the quality of living can cause significant health problems. The ECOSAN company can immediately recognize warning signs by microbiological tests and endoscopy performed and get dirty or damaged cables up to date. Used procedure under plaster laid water pipes must be, no longer replaced what saves the owner not only considerable cost, dirt and noise. He was spared of renovation works in the living room and several days of water flow interruptions. The clean and cost effective indoor pipe of ECOSAN GmbH is absolutely health – and environment-friendly.

Chemicals not be used in this process. A sand blasting to cleaning of the tubes, what represents a very environmentally-friendly method is applied. The inner pipe is completed with the drawing of the sworn specially developed for this purpose. The process is certified according to DIN ISO 9001:2000 and thus ensuring a very high standard of quality. Every step of the pipe is performed by ECOSAN GmbH from Bensheim after the execution requirements set. The ECOSAN company from Bensheim rehabilitated nationwide metallic water pipes for 15 years. With Help of the inner pipe, it is possible to redevelop the existing wiring in buildings environmentally friendly and cost effective. The metallic water pipes are dried in the first step. Then, the cleaned by sand blasting and coating with an epoxy resin for potable water.