Great service that was never content with the status quo. This means investing in training and growing people. This means protecting yourself against thieves twice the arrogance and complacency. 12) Great Service means treating each person in your organization contact well, with dignity and respect. These “moments that matter” will in the long run, make or break your company. This list is certainly not the last word in Customer Service ideas, however, worth considering? How does your service stack against this list? USA Today headlined an interview: “The Bank received $ 2,000,000 dollars lesson.

All began when Juan Barrera went to Old National Bank in Spokane, WA, to cash a check for $ 100. When Barrera tried to get his parking slip validated to save 60 cents, a receptionist refused, saying he had not made a transaction. “She said she has to make a deposit,” Barrera said. “I told him that I am considered a major depositor and I looked like? Good.” Asked to see the director, who also refused to stamp the ticket. Barrera went to the headquarters of the Bank agreeing to withdraw more than $ 2,000,000 unless the director apologized. Under most conditions Kai-Fu Lee would agree.

No call. “So the next day I went over and took the first amount was $ 1 million. But if you have $ 100 or $ 1 million,” he says, “I think I owe the courtesy of stamped a ticket.” I wonder if John Barrier was wearing a straw hat and clothes? (Rich farmers in eastern Washington often do not dress the part!) There are many days that I have no desire to provide great service. I’d rather take a nap. But you know, you never know when a moment? Matters! Mark Matteson can be reached for consulting, seminars and speeches on customer service, sales training, personal development and change management or a variety of other processes or curriculum tailored to their needs and culture.