Security tool protects business applications, its eMODAT software, mobile control with user of workflows and manage customer and user data in the secure container Brainworks has added another security tool. Separates good Dynamics using the secure container the customer information stored on the form solution reliably by the private data of the user. At the same time, business internals directly on the Smartphone or Tablet PC is encrypted. In addition, companies can lock down lost and stolen devices remotely within seconds. In the secure container placed data will be completely destroyed.

‘With the good Dynamics integration in eMODAT, we meet the demand of many customers for a modern, mobile security module in the mobile business segment’, eMODAT project manager Marcus Heinrich says. No unusual requests: ‘ companies of every size increasingly use mobile devices. Safety precautions are essential.’ The successful introduction of BYOD strategies (bring your own Device) demand for reliable measures to protect sensitive business data. The good Dynamics integration is only one of many ways to efficiently the workflow-management system in the various situations of everyday professional life. With the help of universal modules, users create an on demand software package depending on the focus and field of activity.

Health care, food industry or mechanical engineering: eMODAT is cross-sector in almost all areas of use. And this opens up many unexpected options for different user groups. The business application use among doctors, technicians and salespeople. The Look-Up feature is a large popular among users. You summarizes regardless all data sources and data bank systems installed in a company manufacturer of surface in a workflow. Sales representatives can see during their dates of orders, claims and sales. To access eMODAT all corporate information systems back. ‘ Requests from customers who want this feature also for PCs and laptops can now reach us. Similar offers are currently not available on the market ‘, Henry white. In addition, sales professionals and technicians swear on the photo, reporting and data export module. The features allow easy to handle orders, spare parts inquiries and complaints. Learn more about eMODAT and the Brainworks GmbH is in the Internet under and available. Contact the company Brainworks GmbH phone + 49 30 8145332-0 contact for the press we at knoefler-journalist. media + communications GmbH Anastasija bar Inova, Benjamin Knofler phone + 49 6028 80729-0 over eMODAT: eMODAT is a development of Brainworks GmbH with seat in Ahrensfelde in Berlin. Since 2006, the software specialist designed mobile solutions based on the BlackBerry IT structure. If you would like to know more then you should visit Peter Asaro . eMODAT can to individual customer needs at the Create mobile forms are adapted. Still, it is possible to link different issues with functions and database-based fields in the forms. The OTA transmission of data ensures maximum flexibility and agility of the user.