ASUSTeK Computer Inc. is a leading global manufacturer of computer-oriented consumers. Motherboard, computer equipment and mobile phones, office equipment and networking equipment – the list products is extremely large and in every field of development engineers have extensive experience and the highest potential. Conducted a unique study of all the hidden processes capable of at least some or affect the performance of any device. Add to that an extensive network of service, reliable partners around the world and the recognition of the world's leading IT-magazines, it becomes clear high popularity among consumers. The production base of high quality equipment enables consumers around the world. The proof is the fact that in 2005 the company produced and sold about fifty million motherboards, which is one third of PCs around the world! ASUS notebooks occupy a worthy place in the world rankings and are in high demand. For example ASUS F3JC, ASUS Z99H, ASUS F3T, ASUS A9500Rp and others.