Curiosity is one of the most effective stimulant to learn. Hence, children typically have much more ability to learn when compared to adults. Every human being is curious small, but over time society has been responsible for removing it some with ideas that say you should not ask for everything that causes her curiosity to not Badger others. It is true that those who constantly ask and are curious learn faster because they have strong motivation to learn more. The idea that learning is something interesting and incredible becomes real when you leave that your curiosity feed and start to ask for answers to what you want to know. Everytime you make a question it stimulates your senses, beam large images with movement in your mind, a full movie what you talk; ponle interesting sounds, music, and experiences intense feelings fill you with excitement. By stimulating your ability of perception and imagination of odours, flavours, sensations, sounds and images you develop the ability to learn better and faster. You can also find many little tricks like this that help you to achieve this within NLP. Learn more about neuro-linguistic programming in our forum for NLP neuro linguistic