The first compact car tailored to purely on electric drive is at the start. has the stately Stromer already now extensively tested. The most important basic information first of all: the leaf was developed exclusively for the electrical operation (in contrast to Mitsubishi i-MIEV) and to promote rapidly among the world market leaders. the introduction begins from December in the United States and Japan, beginning of 2011 the first European markets follow. Austria is part of the last wave, from today’s perspective, the first meet compact Stromer in October 2011 at us a. Nissan to sell already 2011 from the leaf wants to 50,000, parallel worldwide and also in Europe, new production facilities will be built.

Thus vehicles of the tapes will roll just a year later, so in 2012, not less than a quarter of a million. But where does optimism come from? Or in other words: what is it about the Nissan leaf? After the first longer trips, we can answer these and many other frequently asked questions. What is the Nissan leaf so special? The leaf is in the Unlike its competitors a full-fledged car with plenty of space, comfort, and a serious range of 160 kilometers. And he offers a telematics system that continuously calculates the range and graphically represents the navigation system. Also Nissan is already cooperation for years with individual States or local authorities on the legs parallel to build also a reasonable infrastructure of charging stations for the launch of the vehicle. Sure, there are the Norwegian think! and the small electric drilling by Mitsubishi, Peugeot and Citroen. But the leaf is reserved to be the first full-fledged car under the streamers. With 4.45 metres outside length, it is as big as a Mazda3, offers space for five people, and thanks to 80 kW (109 HP) strong electric motor also refreshing performance.